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    He has worked in Spoon & White, Les innommables, Bob Marone, Bebert le cancrelat, Yoyo, Sambre, Le Marsupilami, Nuit blanche, Chaminou, Lolo et Sucette, Leonide et Spoutnika, Nicotine Goudron, Basil et Victoria, Pin-Up, Kid Lucky, Lucky Luke, Colt Walker, Les eternels, Yoni, etc etc

    Séries principalesdeàRôle
    XIII Mystery (en espagnol)2011
    Thorgal (en néerlandais)2019
    Suske en Wiske - Hommage20172021
    Spirou y Fantasio por (una aventura de) (Dibbuks - 2015)2015
    Spirou y Fantasio (Las aventuras de) (Planeta DeAgostini - 2008)2009
    Spirou et Fantasio (en langues régionales)20142017
    Spirou e Fantásio (en portugais)2012
    Lucky Luke (en portugais - Público/ASA)2006
    Lucky Luke (en portugais - divers éditeurs)1998
    Lucky Luke (en anglais)2020
    Gringos Locos (en espagnol)2016
    Grand Duke (The)2012
    Govert Suurbier (De belevenissen van)1996
    Freddy Lombard (en anglais)20042005
    Edelweiss (Yann/Hugault)2016
    Bob Marone (en allemand)1986
    XIII Mystery20102011
    Voleur de ballerines (Le)1986
    Vioq micmac2001
    Tuniques Bleues (Les)2010
    Tueur aux mangas (Le)2012
    Trois cheveux blancs (Les)1993
    Tigresse Blanche2005
    Théodore Poussin1988
    Thorgal (Les mondes de) - Louve20112017
    Thorgal (Les mondes de) - La Jeunesse de Thorgal20132021
    Thorgal (Les mondes de)2013
    Spoon & White19992005
    Spirou et Fantasio par... (Une aventure de) / Le Spirou de...20072017
    Spirou et Fantasio2008
    Spirou Dream Team2011
    Spirou (Almanachs & Album+)1983
    Sauvage (Meynet)20132020
    Sales petits contes19971998
    Rocky Luke1985
    Prince des écureuils (Le)1998
    Piège sur Zarkass20132014
    Pilote à l'Edelweiss (Le)20122013
    Patrouille des Libellules (La)19851988
    Odilon Verjus (Les exploits d')19962006
    Nuit blanche19891997
    Nicotine Goudron19901992
    Marsupilami (Le Soir)2012
    Marsupilami (France Loisirs Album Double)1993
    Marsupilami (en danois) (Spirillen)19911993
    Léonid et Spoutnika19901994
    Lucky Luke1996
    Lolo et Sucette19892001
    Ivanhoé (Sánchez)20092012
    Innommables (Les) (Série actuelle)20022004
    Innommables (Les) (Premières maquettes)19832000
    Huit mois dans l'enfer des hauts de pages19812013
    Histoires merveilleuses des Oncles Paul (les)1986
    Hauts de Hurlevent (Les)20092010
    Gringos Locos2012
    Grand Duc (Le)20082010
    Fripons (collectif Humanos)1992
    Frank Margerin présente (Collectif)1991
    Exploits de Yoyo (Les)19861987
    Exploits de Poison Ivy (Les)20062008
    Eternels (Les) (Yann/Meynet)20032012
    Empire USA2008
    Dérives (Andreas)1991
    Double 72018
    Dent d'ours20132018
    Célestin Speculoos19891993
    Croqu' la vie19921994
    Colt Walker19972001
    Chasseurs d'étoiles19992001
    Captain America (Marvel Graphic Novels)2003
    Bébert le Cancrelat19841992
    Buck Danny "Origines"2022
    Bob Marone19842013
    Bob et Bobette (Hommage)20182021
    Black Squaw20202021
    Baston 51983
    Basil & Victoria19902007
    Atom Agency20182020
    Angel Wings20142022
    Allez coucher, sales bêtes !1991

    A true man-orchestra of the scenario, Yann is elusive. Funny, cynical, ferocious, romantic on occasion, keen on history, curious about everything, he writes, preferably with vitriol, stories that are always original, full of adventures and based on a vast culture and perfectly documented knowledge. An inveterate lover of good words, he enriches each of his creations with tasty dialogues. Born in Marseille on May 25, 1954, this Breton, now based in Brussels, tasted the joys of advertising and architecture at a very young age before sinking into comics by creating a few "Cartes Blanches" by the student Balac for the newspaper. by Spirou in 1974. After a brief stint in Curiosity Magazine, his association with Conrad was to shake up the venerable house of Marcinelle from 1978 onwards. the two formidable accomplices take advantage of their stays in the attic of the Maison de Spirou to study during the night the boards brought by their colleagues and imagine animation "top pages" that are particularly critical of their elders and everything that happens nearby. Expected at the turn, they attack their first major adventure series by imposing characters at the antipodes of traditional comics, the "Unnamable", a crazy trio who will finally find refuge in the catalog of Dargaud. They then undermine the myth of Bob Morane by producing two albums of "Bob Marone" at Glénat before separating to pursue each on their own a work renewing the ninth art. Although he sometimes still offers himself the pleasure of sketching certain scenarios or story sequences for his illustrators, Yann quickly understands that drawing does not allow the rapid realization of all the ideas bubbling up in him. Anxious to invest all the publishers on the market with multiple series, he resolutely abandons the graphic part and turns to writing for a veritable army of designers. We will see him bringing his punch to Frank Le Gall ("Yoyo" and an episode of "Théodore Poussin"), Marc Hardy ("La Patrouille des Libellules", "Lolo et Sucette", "Croqu' la vie"), Yslaire (the first episode of "Sambre"), François Avril ("Le Voleur de ballerines"), Yves Chaland (a few "Freddy Lombards"), Denis Bodart ("Les Affreux", "Nicotine Goudron", an episode of "Chaminou" )), Batem and André Franquin ("Le Marsupilami"), Olivier Neuray ("White Nights"), Philippe Bercovici ("Leonid and Sputnika"), Marc Michetz ("Tako"), Edith ("Basil and Victoria"), Louis Joos ("SOS Aïcha"), Berthet ("Pin up"), Fabrice Lamy ("Colt Walker"), Laurent Verron ("Odilon Verjus"), Morris ("Lucky Luke"), etc. After having placed his pawns with almost all the serious comic book publishers, he returned through the front door to Dupuis by writing epic stories for René Hausman in "Aire Libre" ("The Three White Hairs" and "The Prince of the Squirrels") , the "Star Hunters" saga for Wozniak and some particularly spicy series from the "Free Humor" collection: "Lolo and Lollipop", "Spoon & White" and the "Dirty Little Tales" anthologies. Today, Yann is unquestionably one of the too few essential screenwriters in the profession. Text © Dupuis


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