Yankee Girl

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    Originally a Golden Age character, Lauren Mason, AKA Yankee Girl, is a super heroine granted with the powers of the American Spirit. The character is considered public domain but she is used by AC as part of the FemForce.

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    At the height of World War II, reporter Joan Mason took a trip to visit the Statue of Liberty. While on the island, she fell asleep on a bench. In her dream, she dreamed the American Spirit had spoke to her, telling her she must now defend the USA on the home front during America's time of need. Joan awoke, reinvigorated and discovered she now possessed super strength, she could fly and was virtually invulnerable.

    AC History

    While Joan Mason's public domain origin still applies, she was placed n the "Vault Heroes" program along with other heroes and heroines of her time. She was revived and now fights against injustice with the all female super team, FemForce.

    Powers and Abilities

    Super strength




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