Yankee Doodle Jones

    Character » Yankee Doodle Jones appears in 12 issues.

    Perhaps one of the strangest patriotic characters of the Golden Age

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    Yankee Doodle Jones had no other name because he did not exist as a separate person until he was put together from the body parts of 3 World War I veterans who willingly died to create Yankee Doodle Jones, after building the new man the unnamed doctor empowered him with an ejection of a serum that brought him to life as well as giving him strength, speed, vitality and making him almost indestructible, abilities he was able to access by whistling the tune Yankee Doodle Dandy.

    Unfortunately no sooner had Yankee Doodle Jones been brought to life than the lab where his creation was taking place was attacked by Nazi fifth columnists who killed the doctor, but not before his young son also injected himself with the same serum that had been used on Jones.

    Defeating the Nazi, Jones and the doctor’s son, who took to calling himself Dandy, dedicated themselves to fighting the looming threats that America faced in 1941 when the spirit of Uncle Sam himself appeared them and called them to duty.


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