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The Yancy Street Gang is from Yancy Street, New York City. They persistently antagonize the Thing. In his youth, Thing was a member along with his brother Daniel. When Thing left the group, the Gang thought of it as an insult and have tormented him since. They have no real animosity for Ben, just throw things at him and call him names, all in good-natured fun.
The Gang is mostly composed of youths, but still has adults who have passed on the torch to the younger members to torment the Thing. It is not specified if the gang is into criminal activities or simply a group of turf proud youths, but some members have claimed or shown the ability to pick locks and hot-wire cars.
Once, Doctor Doom set up a laboratory on Yancy Street and began kidnapping local drug addicts. Thing, with help from the gang, was able to locate Doom's warehouse. Doom claimed to be trying to find a cure for drug addiction, for he did not want to rule subjects ruled by something else. Thing did not approve of his methods and stopped him. Doom destroyed the facility and turned his attentions to grander things, putting blame on the Thing for stopping him from doing good.
Yancy Street Gang
Yancy Street Gang
Thing eventually reconciled with the gang when he built a recreation center on Yancy Street named after his brother.

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