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    Yammy Rialgo is the 10th strongest Espada in Aizen's Arrancar army prior to releasing his zanpakuto. Yammy usually uses brute strength and Ulquiorra's directions to fight his opponents. He has not revealed his zanpakuto as of yet.

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    General Information

    Birthday: April 3
    Height: 7'6"
    Weight: 667lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Race: Arrancar


    Yammy is a very large, muscular. tan skinned male arrancar. He is the largest member of the Espada. He has long bushy sideburns, a thin ponytail and a bald ridged cranium. He has orange eyebrows and red markings underneath his eyes. He wears the arrancar uniform, but his jacket is always left open, revealing his muscular chest. His hollow hole is located on his chest. The remains of his hollow mask appear as a jawbone which rests on his chin. His Espada number is tattooed on his left shoulder. When Yammy transforms into his released state, the number changes from 10 to 0.


    Yammy is shown to be brutal and arrogant. He is the biggest of the Espada, but not the brightest. He relies on his brute strength and not tactic on the battle field. He seems to derive pleasure from killing and hurting others. Yammy seems to have no regard for his allies, referring to them as trash on occasion. He does seem to have a degree of respect for Ulquiorra, who acts as his instructor and enforcer when they are out on missions together.



    Arrancar Arc

    Yammy and Ulquiorra
    Yammy and Ulquiorra
    Yammy Rialgo is one of the many arrancar in Sosuke Aizen's army, and one of the few espada in which he holds the rank of deecima. The spanish for the number ten. Yammy makes his first official appearance during the arrancar arc. In which him and Ulquiorra seemingly fall from the sky. Their decent causes a large crater to appear in karakura town. Something which attracts the attention of many of the citizens nearby. This is the first major appearance of the Espada though they are not known as such until later on. During their arrival Ichigo and soul society become aware of their sudden arrival. Yammy comments that he had visited the human world a few times with his mask on and that it is still boring. He also comments on the lack of spiritual energy. This prompts an an annoyed reaction from Ulquiorra in which yammy apologizes...Showing just who is in charge. All the while the two are surrounded by people who Yammy thinks is staring at him....Despite them seeing nothing. Annoyed Yammy sucks out their souls. Only Tatsuki is able to survive the attack from Yammy.
    Yammy vs Ichigo
    Yammy vs Ichigo
    Thinking because Tatsuki survived his gonzui, tat she was a strong spirit and the person that him and Ulquiora had been sent to scout. Ulquiora tells him differently and that she is just trash because she was close to fainting just being near Yammy....Who then decides to kill her. Yammy is then stopped by the sudden appearance of Chad and Orihime. Chad engages Yammy in a fight which the espada makes short work of, as he crushes Chad's arm with little effort. Yammy then has a fight with Orihime after she returned to save Chad. In the fight she reveals her unique abilities....But is powerless against Yammy's strength who crushes Tsubaki. Just as Yammy is about to kill her.....Ichigo shows p and saves Orihime. It becomes aware that the person they had come to scout was Ichigo. Yammy immediately attacks but his attack was easily stopped by Ichig's bankai. Yammy then has is arm cut off by Ichigo. After this Ichigo's hollow starts to show...Causing Ichigo to force it back. This gives Yammy an opening and he procedes to beat Ichigo and Orihime.

    Kisuke Vs Yammy
    Kisuke Vs Yammy
    Just before Yammy can do any more damage to Ichgo. Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihoin save up to put a stop to his attack. Overconfident Yammy attacks the pair but he is easily tossed aside by Yoruichi. Deciding to attack again.....Yammy is yet again defeated by Yorichi who knocks him down. Getting angrier by being handled so easily by Yoruichi. Again he attacks her but only this time he attacks with a cero but the attack is stopped by Kisuke who uses benhime to launch an attack. Ulquiorra then steps in and stops it. Yammy is then hit by Ulquiorra and told that he stands no chance against either of Kisuke and Yoruichi in his current state. The two arrancar then retreat back to Hueco Mundo. Back at Hueco Mundo Yammy has his arm reattached and tests it out by attacking the girl who had reattached it. Yammy along with Grimmjow, Wonderweiss and Luppi are sent back to the living world to launch an offensive. Yammy engages Toshiro in a fight but Luppi soon takes over and fights, leaving Yammy with no opponent. Yammy is then shown watching over Wonderweiss who is playing with the dragonflies. Later on during the fight between Luppi and the shinigami Kisuke arrives. Yammy then attacks Kisuke, wanting revenge from their last encounter. The fight is one which Yammy again seems to be losing. He is then taking back to hueco mundo.

    Hueco Mundo arc

    The meeting of the Espada
    The meeting of the Espada
    Yammy is later shown to be apart of the meeting between the ten Espada and their leader Aizen along with Tosen and Ichimaru. Along with a few of the others he complains at the arrival of Ichigo, Chad and Ishida. Yammy later learns of the death of a fellow espada. The number Nine Aaroniero but he simply scoffs at the news and doesn't seem all that affected by his comrades death.

    Here Come Zero

    Yammy suddenly appears during Ichigo and Ulquiorra's fight. He want to help Ulquiorra in the fight.
    Ulquiorra refuses and tell Yammy to go back to sleep. Angered by this Yammy kills Menoly and Loly then asks to kill Orihime. Uryu arrives and shoots him in the shoulder, knocking Yammy down. Yammy gets back up and tries to attack but a landmine explodes under his feet. He falls

    through every floor of Las Noches. Enraged by Uryu for making him fall and Ulquiorra for dying. Yammy then releases his Zanpakuto in a rage. His number change to a 0. That means he is the strongest Espada. 


    Powers & Abilities

    Ira first form
    Ira first form

    Yammy is unique among the Espada, because he changes his rank when releasing his sword. He is the tenth Espada, but when he releases he becomes Espada number Zero, the strongest Espada. Like all Espada Yammy possesses the standard hollow powers such as Sonido, Hierro, Cero etc.   

    • Superhuman Strength: Yammy has incredible strength, able to kill or maim people just by using his bare hands
    • Anger-Induced Physical Augmentation
    • Immense Spiritual Power: As the 10th Espada yammy has higher spiritual power than most Arrancars, after releasing his spiritual power is off the charts.
    • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant.
    • Hierro: Like all Arrancar, Yammy possesses the ability to harden his skin.
    • Cero: Energy based attack that is released from the hand, power is ranked by color, red - green - purple-black.
    • Bala: Yammy can also fire red bala blasts from his fists, which are weaker than Cero blasts, but are also much faster. He is quite skilled at firing a multitude of these in quick succession.
    • Garganta: Technique used by Espada to travel to and from Hueco Mundo.

    Ira second form
    Ira second form


    The name of Yammy's Zanpakuto is Ira (Spanish for "Anger," Japanese for "Angry Beast").

    • Ressurecion: Ira is activated by the command Enrage. After releasing Yammy grows to epic proportions, and also grows four extra legs and a tail. In this form Yammy is at his strongest and biggest. He makes people like Yasutora Sado seem like ants, in this form he was easily able to take out Ichigo and his friends. Befitting to its name Yammy grows bigger and stronger the angrier he gets.


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