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Yami is divided into two divisions, the armed and the unarmed division. Bith groups have a council-like leaders ship group. For the Unarmed division it is the One Fist Nine Shadows which seems to be the more active and with the Amred division it is the Hachiō Executioner Blades who have only recently been shown.

One Fist Nine Shadow

NameNicknameMartial ArtDiscipleSymbolDou or Sei TypeStatus
Saiga FurinjiOne ShadowFurinji Style ArtsKajima SaotomeShadowSeiActive
Ogata IsshinsaiGreat Sage FistAncient Martial ArtsOdin, Rimi, Berserker, LughFlowSei/DouActive
Silcardo JenazadThe Demon Fist GodPencak SilatRadin Tidat JihanKingDouDeceased
Mikumo KushinidaThe Bewitching FistJujitsuChikage KushinidaWaterSeiActive
Sehrul RahmanThe Fist of BrahminKalaripayattuEthan StanleyVoidSeiActive
Sougetsu MaThe Fierce Force GodChinese Kung FuHermitMoonDouActive
Alexander GaidarThe Fist of DestructionCommando SamboBoris IvanovIceDouIncarcerated
Akira HongoThe God HandKarateSho KanoSkySeiActive
Agaard Jum SaiThe Soveregin of Fists and the Emperor of ElbowsMuy Thai and Muy BoranTirawat KokoinFlameSeiActive
Diego CarloThe Laughing Steel Fist, The Angry Iron FistLucha LibreRachel StanleySteelSei/DouIncarcerated

Unarmed Division

NameNicknameMartial ArtDiscipleSymbolSei or Dou TypeStatus
Ro Jisein/aChinese Kung FuChou EnshinMoon (Former)SeiPossibly Exiled
Christopher Eclairn/aSavaten/an/aSeiPossibly Exiled
MycroftThe EnglishmanPalm based Kung Fun/an/aUnknownPossibly Exiled
Li TenamonThe Ground Fist, The Tumbling FistZua Quan (Drunken Boxing)Li Rachin/aDouActive
MeatmanFat LucadoreLucha Libren/an/aDouIncarcerated
Menangn/aPencak Silatn/an/aSeiActive


FatherPankritionmany, but none knownn/aDouIncarcerated
NameNicknameMartial ArtDiscipleSymbolDou or Sei TypeStatus
Ganosuke YokiouSecond HadesKenjutsu -Two Sword Stylen/an/aUnknownActive
Seitaro RaigoThe Unmoving WarriorKenjutsu - KodachiHyougon/aUnknownActive
Rin TachibanaHundred Martial ArtKosaka Weapons StyleNot Revealedn/aUnknownActive
Michael SchtlvayThe Martial Arts King who Dances with ShinigamiPersonal Scythe StyleSiegmarigenn/aDouActive
Mildred LawrenceThe Double Eyed Martial ArcherArcheryNot Revealedn/aUnknownActive
Marmaduke BrownThe Armored Martial Arts EmperorEuropean Knight TrainingNot Revealedn/aUnknownActive
Raki HoshinanoThe Estatic Martial Arts PrincessNaginatajutsuNot Revealedn/aUnknownActive
Edeltraft VonschiraThe Performer of the ArmisticeBroadswordsNot Revealedn/aUnknownActive

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