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    Yamcha, the notorious desert bandit, is a fictional character from the manga Dragon Ball and the anime Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z.

    The Yamcha Respect Thread

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    The Hub Thread

    Yamcha (Pre-22nd Budokai)

    STRENGTH ---- Lifting

    10 - 100 ton

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 13 - 11:15 - Yamcha lifts a section of a building to save Bulma.

    Dragon Ball Ep 13 - 12:43 - Yamcha squeezes Oozaru's tail hard enough to cause Goku pain.

    STRENGTH ---- Striking

    Building level -

    Dragon Ball Ep 5 - 18:43 - Using the Wolf Fang Fist technique, Yamcha sends Goku over 50 feet away and through multiple stone pillars.

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 10 - 19:40 - Yamcha decapitates a stone block with a sweep kick, and then shatters another one from a distance through sheer air pressure caused by thrusting his fist.

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 13 - 12:20 - Yamcha thrusts out his hands and creates a wave of pressurized air strong enough to shatter an entire section of a building that he previously has trouble just lifting.

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 19 - 10:40 - Yamcha destroys a giant boulder with one attack.

    Dragon Ball Ep 20 - 18:03 - Yamcha effortlessly incapacitated a small giant during the preliminaries of the 21st Budokai.

    Dragon Ball Episode 20

    SPEED ---- Travel


    Dragon Ball Ep 7 - 13:41 - Yamcha runs at blur speeds.

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 19 - 12:23 - Yamcha saves Bulma from a speeding truck after it's only inches away from her body.

    SPEED ---- Combat/Perception

    Superhuman -

    Dragon Ball Ep 9 - 17:58 - Yamcha blitzes two Rabbit soldiers before they can react.

    Supersonic - hypersonic -

    Dragon Ball Ep 7 - 8:48 - Yamcha jumps over a laser at near point blank range despite being caught completely off guard, then speedblitzes Chi-Chi (who was superhuman).

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 23 - 9:50 - Yamcha dodges Giran's sneak attack with little warning.

    Dragon Ball Episode 23

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 23 - 10:30 - Yamcha dodges all of Giran's strikes.

    Dragon Ball Episode 23

    DURABILITY ---- Blunt Force

    1 - 10 ton

    Dragon Ball Ep 5 - 20:30 - Yamcha tanks Goku's Power Pole and Rock Scissors Paper technique (which literally bounces him off the top of the panel), both times coming back for more.

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 11 - 14:53 - Yamcha and Co. are slammed by a wall into a giant pinball machine hard enough to get ricocheted into giant metal studs multiple times and remain relatively unharmed.

    10 - 100 ton

    Dragon Ball Ep 70 19:00 - Ep 71 10:05 - Yamcha endures getting wailed on by the Invisible Man for an extended period of time without any way to defend himself, but comes out relatively unhurt in the end once it's over.

    100 - 1,000 ton

    Dragon Ball Ep 72 - 13:00 - Yamcha tanks a full power kneedrop to his stomach Bandages the Mummy, who previously displayed the strength to shake Baba's entire castle when he accidentally kicked the wall.

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 72 - 16:02 through 17:50 - Yamcha endures a prolonged beatdown from Bandage's the Mummy, a man with the strength to shake Baba's entire castle just by accidentally kicking the wall, which culminates in Bandages nearly breaking Yamcha's back over his head, yet all throughout Yamcha refuses to forfeit the match, or even lose consciousness.

    Dragon Ball Episode 72

    AGILITY ---- Combat

    Dragon Ball Ep 10 - 20:00 - Yamcha shows his flexibility by avoiding a few blocks with almost no time to react.

    Dragon Ball Ep 20 - 16:14 - Yamcha smoothly takes down a small giant.

    Dragon Ball Episode 20

    MARTIAL ARTS ---- Training/Technical Knowledge

    Dragon Ball Ep 5 - 17:05 - Despite not actually being a swordsman, Yamcha displays fantastic handling with a blade and gives Goku a run for his money.

    Dragon Ball Ep 5 - 18:45 - The Wolf Fang Fist is a technique of Yamcha's own design, and it is powerful enough to send Goku flying over 50 feet and through multiple stone pillars. (Video above: "Dragonball Goku vs Yamcha full fight" skip to 1:35)

    Dragon Ball Ep 13 - 12:30 - Yamcha punches debris in midair with enough precision to chisel a perfectly crafted, razor sharp stone sword.

    Dragon Ball Ep 19 - 9:54 - Yamcha perfected his technique by practicing wolf mimicry in the middle of the forest for over a month.

    MARTIAL ARTS ---- Battles

    Dragon Ball Ep 5 - 17:05 - Fights on even ground with Goku for a period of time.

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 12 - 10:55 and 12:18 - Yamcha fodderizes groups of trained attack dogs.

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 17 - 18:25 - Yamcha solos an entire dojo of martial artists just for kicks (according to Oolong there were over 20 fighters).

    Dragon Ball Ep 20 - 18:40 - Yamcha has become so proficient in the Wolf Fang Fist that he can easily outfight an actual wolfman at his own game. In other words, he outwolfed a wolf, which I find to be a very good indication of how advanced his technique is.

    Dragon Ball Ep 21 - 1:50 - Yamcha (along with Goku and Krillin) plows through the preliminaries of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, a collection of the greatest fighters all across the world.

    Dragon Ball Episode 21

    Dragon Ball Ep 71 - 4:30 and 10:28 - Yamcha vs See-Through the Invisible Man. Initially, See-Through's invisibility puts Yamcha at a disadvantage as he is unable to see any incoming attack and can't counter at all. Soon enough Yamcha takes the advantage when he figures out how to track the Invisible Man through nothing but sound alone, easily dodging and countering every attack See-Through throws out, until Uranai Baba starts singing too loudly for Yamcha to listen, putting him back at the disadvantage. Eventually See-Through is covered in blood from Master Roshi's nosebleed, making him visible, at which point Yamcha is able to effortlessly dominate him in a matter of seconds.

    Dragon Ball Ep 72 - 9:40 - Despite being hopelessly outclassed by Bandages the Mummy's power and speed, Yamcha was skilled enough to evade his attacks for a prolonged period of time and put up a good fight.

    Dragon Ball Episode 72

    Intelligence/Tactics -

    Dragon Ball Ep 6 - 20:18 - Yamcha, realizing he cannot defeat Goku, concocts a plan to allow the boy and his friends to collect all seven dragon balls, and then steal them for himself once they've done all the dirty work. Throughout the remainder of this arc Yamcha pursues Goku and the gang in secret, subtly aiding them in their mission all the while remaining unseen like some evil mastermind.

    Dragon Ball Ep 11 - 19:08 and 20:10 - With the gang imprisoned and Emperor Pilaf about to summon Shenron and take over the world, Yamcha, not Bulma or Goku, is the one who takes charge and thinks of what to do. It's his plans that end up saving the world.

    Dragon Ball Ep 13 - 12:03 - With Oozaru Goku out of control, Yamcha is once again the one leading the group and calling all the shots, eventually severing Goku's tail and once again saving the day.

    Dragon Ball Ep 22 - 19:10 - Yamcha deduces that Jackie Chun is really Master Roshi in disguise. Master Shen is the only other character in the series to figure this out, but he was Roshi's lifelong partner and rival for hundreds of years. By comparison, Yamcha barely knew Roshi, but was able to figure it out based off his fighting moves, his personality, his laugh, and his reaction whenever Master Roshi was mentioned.

    Dragon Ball Ep 70 - 14:10 - In a matter of seconds, Yamcha formulates a plan that allows Upa and Puar, two of the weakest characters in the series, to defeat Dracula Man, who moments ago showed himself powerful enough to utterly humiliate Krillin. By taking advantage of stereotypical vampire weaknesses like garlic and crosses, Upa is able to scare Dracula Man off, while Puar uses his shapeshifting to keep the vampire from biting them. Once Dracula Man tries to fly away, Puar turns into a giant glove and quickly smacks him into the water, winning the match by ring-out.

    Dragon Ball 72 - 13:27 - Despite being horribly outclassed by Bandages the Mummy's brute power, Yamcha is still able to outsmart him by feigning defeat, and then leg sweeping him off the bridge. Yamcha would have won the match right then and there had it not been for the mummy's wrappings forming a lasso to save him.


    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 13 - 5:25 - Yamcha conquers his crippling fear of woman in order to save his friends. As silly as it sounds, Yamcha's phobia was actually so severe that he would instantly pass out whenever he saw a woman, so being able to pick Bulma up in his arms and escape the area goes to show his determination.

    Dragon Ball Ep 72 - 16:02 through 17:50 - Yamcha endures a prolonged beatdown from Bandage's the Mummy, a man with the strength to shake Baba's entire castle just by accidentally kicking the wall, which culminates in Bandages nearly breaking Yamcha's back over his head, yet all throughout Yamcha refuses to forfeit the match, or even lose consciousness for that matter.

    Dragon Ball Episode 72

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    Long overdue.

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    The Lonely Wolf, only the desert will ever know his pain.

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    It's a shame how long overdue this is.

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