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    Eldest of the Warner siblings, the most intelligent of the three and the leader of their group.

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    Yakko was created in 1929 alongside his siblings as supporting cast for a preexisting character. He, Wakko and Dot quickly overshadowed this other character in popularity, but their work grew increasingly surreal and bizarre. Eventually their contract with Warner Bros. was severed due to their antics and their odd work. He and his siblings ran wild on the studio lot for some time before being captured and locked away in the Warner Bros. water tower. They remained there more or less continuously for several decades before permanently escaping in September of 1993 to cause chaos anew.


    Yakko was originally created by Tom Ruegger for the Animaniacs television show. He made his first appearance in comics in Animaniacs: A Christmas Special.   

    Major Story Arcs


    Yakko and his siblings wreak havoc and engage in wacky antics, often directed against an authority figure who has wronged them in some way. 

    Powers and Abilities 

    Yakko is of above average intelligence; he is quick-witted and glib, and possesses vast amounts of knowledge on a variety of subjects. He has demonstrated proficiency in Japanese. He is capable of playing the piano. As a cartoon character, he is not bound by normal physical laws. 

    Other Media


    Yakko was originally created for the Animaniacs television program. He made his first appearance in he first episode in the series, "De-Zanitized / The Monkey Song / Nighty-Night Toon". He is voiced by Rob Paulsen
    Yakko makes cameo appearances in the episodes "Five Day Forecast/Dance of Doom/Hand Man" and "Next Time, Phone Ahead/Nerdator". Rob Paulsen reprises his role. 
    Pinky and the Brain 
    Yakko makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Star Warners". Rob Paulsen reprises his role. 


    I'm Mad 
    Yakko appears alongside his siblings in this theatre short. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen 
    Yakko's World: An Animaniacs Singalong 
    Yakko appears in this musical video. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen
    Wakko's Wish 
    Yakko appears alongside his siblings in this direct-to-video film. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen. 

    Video Games

    Animaniacs Game Pack 
    Yakko appears in this spin-off game. Rob Paulsen reprises his role. 
    Animaniacs Splat Ball 
    Yakko appears in this spin-off game. Rob Paulsen reprises his role. 

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