Character » Yak appears in 5 issues.

    Himilayan Mage who protects the world from demonic magics.

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    Yak is a millennia year old evolved mutant (part human, part yak) from the Himilayas who has practiced magic for 1100 years. When Ham re-emerged into society, the Yak took notice and traveled to America with his companion, the Yeti, to stop Ham's magic from releasing demonic forces onto the Earth. Aided by the Badger, Ham defeated Yak but consented to the Yak's pleas to cut down on magic.

    Later, Yak called on the aide of the Badger to help find his companion, the Yeti, who had reverted to his animal nature and run off. Yak gave his life to save Badger and the Yeti from the cult organization, the International Brotherhood of Brujos. 
    Author of The Inner Gazing Navel of the Eye.


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