Yahweh's Children

    Team » Yahweh's Children appears in 4 issues.

    Yahweh's Children is not the official name of any team, though it is the union of Michael, Lucifer and Elaine, his true descendants.

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    Michael, Lucifer and Elaine find themselves in a true alliance with each other, only once, and it is very short-lived, but when Fenris the Wolf threatens the preservation of the universe, Lucifer calls upon the aid of his brother and along with Elaine they make the journey to the World Tree in their hopes to stop The Wolf.

    The three companions are left injured after taking the incredible brutal journey, and on the verge of death in the fields of Yggdrasil, Lucifer and Michael unconscious, Elaine struck blind. She tries to awake Lucifer but it does not work but help does come in the form of two men she cannot see, Sceorfan and Berumir, who in all reality are Abonsam and Fenris, not that she would recognize them if she could see. Sceorfan tells her that their are healing waters nearby and that he will go fetch them for Lucifer, Elaine is easily deceived and tells him to hurry, Lucifer needs to save creation. Abonsam and Fenris however had something else in mind and The Wolf slashes The Trickster's chest, allowing blood to flow freely.

    Than "Sceorfan" returns, his own blood pouring and he tells Elaine to cup her hands and catch the "water" so that she may pour it into Lucifer's mouth, she does so but when Lucifer awakes, he is not himself, he believes he is Fenris and with rage grabs Elaine by the throat and begins choking the young girl who remains oblivious to what is going on. Than Michael awakes and sees what is happening so he tries to intervene but Lucifer knocks both he and Elaine to the ground. At that point is when a climactic battle between brother and brother begins, the two most powerful beings within the universe fighting one another. Michael however still retains his conscience and as such commits a fatal error, he tries to show mercy to Lucifer and for it, he loses his life.

    As he lays on the roots of Yggdrasil, truly dying, Lucifer has regained his senses and the two brothers make one final apology to one another, than Elaine comes forth and is told that she must now contain the Dunamis Demiurgos that rests within her father. After their final words between father and daughter, Michael dies and the vast amount of Yahweh's power is released, consuming Elaine and Lucifer, as well as all of Yggdrasil.


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