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Yorick Brown arrives in the seemingly utopian town of Marrisville, Ohio. But what terrible secret are its residents hiding and how far will they go to protect it? Meanwhile, the trail gets hotter for the last man's bloodthirsty pursuers, and the situation grows more dire for Yorick's friends.

Yorick awakens to find that he is being cared for by a girl named Sonia in the town of Marrisville, Ohio, a place with a secret or two. Dr. Mann learns Agent 355 has a massive head wound. The Daughters of the Amazon get closer to finding their man.


Dr. Mann shakes herself from the fall from the train and marvels how her glasses weren't ever scratched. She finds Agent 355 in a far worse condition. Her head has been banged pretty badly on a rock. Agent 355 asks Dr. Mann to use her gun to protect the two.

In a room, Yorick wakes up to find himself naked, albeit covered, in a girl's bed. The girl is Sonia and they hit it off right away.

Back in Boston, the Daughters of the Amazon find a woman riding one of their stolen motorcycles. Hero shoots her in the leg (on accident) and they find out what happened to the "woman" with the gas mask: she boarded a train to go to California. Hero wants to ask about the rumor about the monkey but Victoria tells her to drop it. The Amazons head west.

Yorick attempts to leave Sonia's house in Marrisville but is confronted by the entire town of women. The leader, Lydia, informs Yorick that they all have experience living without men; that's why their town has electricity. Dr. Mann finds the group and informs Yorick that Agent 355 is hurt. Sonia proposes a stretcher, though some ladies in the group are not pleased to hear a government agent is near.

Near the train yard in Boston, Hero enters a tent of the two women who had jumped Yorick on the train. She stabs one in the hand with an arrow and pulls a gun on the other. The two tell Hero that Yorick, a man, does exist and they tossed him off the train somewhere in Ohio.

In Marrisville, Tess and Nina express their fears to Lydia that the town's secret is going to be discovered with a government agent around.



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