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A new story arc begins with Part 1 of the 5-part "Cycles." In this perfect jumping-on point for new readers, Yorick Brown and his companions embark on an important quest. Riding the rails across a radically transformed America, the last man on earth is pursued by several competing factions, including the deadly Daughters of the Amazon. Meanwhile, things get worse for Hero, Yorick's missing sister.

Yorick, Dr. Mann, and Agent 355 gain passage on a train to West Coast. They are jumped and Yorick gets thrown from the train. The Daughters of the Amazon continue their search for the rumored last man.


In his gas mask, Yorick approaches a train loader and barters with her for a ride on the train. She promises him passage in exchange for a motorcycle. The trio climbs aboard and discovers they will be sharing a cargo car with pigs. They get as comfortable as they can and delve into Dr. Mann's history to pass the time.

In Boston, Hero beats a fellow Amazon for looking at her wrong. Victoria takes Hero off to the side and tries to calm her, as Hero is still shaken up about killing the girl that had their motorcycle. Hero gets an extra ration and confesses her love for Victoria.

Aboard the train, the group begins to settle in for the night. Two rough women drop in, however, and demand a toll. A skirmish begins and they discover Yorick. Yorick tries to fight but gets thrown from the train. Agent 355 unleashes and subdues the women. Dr. Mann is too scared to jump from the train to search for Yorick so Agent 355 tosses her from the train before jumping out herself.

Back in Boston, some Amazons approach Victoria with news. Becca has found a woman who knows where men are: space. Victoria dismisses the woman as raving. Joanne has gathered news about a person on a motorcycle with a gas mask and a little monkey. Hero hears this and immediately wonders if her brother could be the man they pursue.

In Ohio, a woman stumbles upon Ampersand while out for water. Then she finds Yorick.



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I actually wonder if the world would go to pot as quickly as it did in this book. Okay so their aren't any men, and true some jobs are very male heavy, but still, I think there would be a lot of very capable women learning to do a lot of new things. That being said, this is another very good issue of a character based series. Granted the fight scene seemed to be added by the question, gee how do we have them NOT ride all the way across country on a train? Yet, it worked, and their are some good...

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