Y: The Last Man #51

    Y: The Last Man » Y: The Last Man #51 - Motherland, Chapter Three released by DC Comics on January 2007.

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    Part 3 of the 4-part "Motherland." With the long-awaited revelation of who or what caused the plague that killed every man except for Yorick Brown, will new life be created or old ones snuffed out?

    Scene 1 : Fifteen Years ago. Allisons father catches Toyota trying to steal from him. After learning she has no family, he offers to have her trained so she could be his security agent, and protect him. She agrees for a million yen.

    Scene 2 : Present Day, Toyota has 355 and Rose chained up from the ceiling. Her and 355 have a verbal tit for tat when Rose asks for her to be killed first. Toyota does not seem to have a problem with that.

    SCENE 3 : Back at Dr. Manns Lab, Allison can not believe she is looking at her father, Yorrick is looking for his pen to escape the bed straps he is tied with.

    Scene 4 : We see that 355 has Yorricks pen, all the while Rose has been distracting Toyota, she has been trying to escape. When she does she asks Toyota to please surrender, she is tired of killing people. Toyota doesn't listen, and 355 grabs her and jumps out the window.

    Scene 5 : Back at the lab The elder Dr. Mann is explaining that he was the one that sabotaged Allisons experiment, and caused the plague, and that Ampersand is actually his monkey.

    SCENE 6 : Toyota and 355 have landed a couple levels below the window and begin to fight with Naginatas. Toyota proves to be better as she disarms 355 pretty quickly.

    SCENE 7 : Allisons Father explains that at the same moment his first clone drew breath, all the men in the world died. Men have been a necessary evil, once they were no longer necessary nature righted itself. He then turns on a morphine drip, knocking Allison out, and tells Yorick the two of them need to talk.

    SCENE 8 : 355 asks Toyota why she is doing this, Toyota responds by telling her that Allissons father is going to clone her, effectively making her immortal. 355 says she is glad, it makes her feel better about having to kill her.. Toyota charges her, 355 sidesteps and rams the pointy end of a stick into her ear.

    SCENE 9 : Dr. Mann pulls out a syringe and tells Yorrick that since his daughter and ex wife can continue his work, it's time for them to go.



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