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Yorick and Agent 355's search for the one woman who may be able to save the human race comes to a close, but with a less-than-happy ending. Elsewhere, one of Yorick's closest friends takes a horrific first step towards becoming the last man on earth's greatest enemy.

Agent 355 and Yorrick find Dr. Allison Mann in her lab. The Amazons show they will kill to find Yorrick. We find out what has become of Yorricks sister Hero. The Isrealis also find Dr. Manns lab.


Yorick wakes from a dream in which he had been in Australia and Beth dies before his eyes. He shakes himself and sees Agent 355 knitting. She's glad he is awake and they get ready to continue looking for Dr. Mann. Yorick wonders how Hero is doing, as they have been unable to find any trace of her.

Elsewhere, Hero emerges from some bushes with a struggling girl in tow. The girl argues with Victoria and refuses to say where she got her motorcycle - a motorcycle that used to belong to the Daughters of the Amazon. Victoria orders Hero to kill the girl. The girl finally gives up some information and Hero is slow to execute the girl. Victoria questions Hero's loyalty. Hero shoots the girl in the head. The gang continues its pursuit.

Yorick and Agent 355 find Dr. Mann's office and break in. Agent 355 finds her and introduces herself and explains how the government needs her cloning knowledge. Dr. Mann feels guilty, however, and refuses since her last time supposedly killed all the men on Earth. Yorick introduces himself and Dr. Mann changes her mind. She pulls out a needle to get some blood samples but Ampersand freaks. Being the possible last male monkey on Earth, the three humans chase after him for over four hours.

Tse'Elon and Sadie, Israeli soldiers, enter Dr. Mann's lab and find it empty. The find evidence of Yorick's presence and fear for Israel's future. They burn the lab so as to halt any furthering of Dr. Mann's cloning experiments. The trio return to see the lab burn down. Dr. Mann is crushed, as all her specimens are inside. Her data is duplicated in another lab in California. The three are unsure of their next step.



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Yorrick has a dream, a pretty bad one. A good touch I thought, too many of these holocaust type films or books have the characters responding way to well to traumatic experiences such as these. Nightmares should be expected. With the addition of Dr. Mann to the equation the humor of the book picks up quite well, a good thing in a series about a serious subject. The drama with the Amazons made the book for me. I hate zealots and extremists no matter their beliefs. It also shows the hold the l...

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