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The search for Ampersand, the last man's missing helper monkey, comes to an unexpected conclusion, as Yorick and his companions make a startling discovery about the unmanned world.

The book opens with a heart to heart between Yorrick and 355. We find out that Yorrick has been ashamed to confess certain things to the women he cares for. That he more often than not just tells secrets to Ampersand. In the lab, The ninja, who Allisons mother calls Toyota,, has a sword at Allisons throat. She asks the elder Dr. Mann where is Ampersand. This sets Allison off, because she thought he was with Toyota. At Epiphany Towers, You is searched and let into the room with Epiphany. She offers her some heroine but You turns it down saying she only wants the monkey. When Epiphany doesn't live up to her end of the deal. Yorrick for Ampersand, You stabs the second in command with the heroine needle and takes her gun. In the room with 355 and Yorrick, we learn that 355 knew 711 was going to put Yorrick through the tests she put him through. They share a moment, that looks as if it could get intimate. Back at the lab, Allison has challenged the ninja to a sword fight. It doesn't last long. Back at the towers, Epiphany starts yelling slurs, but You has her malebot wired for sound, so all the girls hear everything. After they take car of Epiphany, You returns Ampersand to Yorrick. He and Agent 355 leave. Back at the lab. Toyota had just stabbed Allison through the shoulder pinning her to the wall. She tells Allison, that if she wants to see her mother alive and learn the truth about who started the plague, she will find Ampersand and bring him to Hong Kong, to her employer.


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