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As Yorick and Agent 355 risk everything to save Ampersand from a bizarre new enemy inside a Tokyo skyscraper, another member of the last man's crew comes to terms with the blood on her hands.

The President and her Secretary of Defense are talking about defending the border states from the Mexicans., as they walk towards Secratary of the interior Browns office. Unfortunately when they arrive they find her dead. Shot twice. Agent 355 and You are getting ready to go get Ampersand, apparently by packing tons of weapons. After saying goodbye To 355 Yorrick talks to You and asks her to do something that not even 355 would consider doing. Dr. Mann is now holding a critically injured Rose in her armsas she is yelling at her mother. Her mother apologises stating that she thought Rose was the woman who burned down her lab. The two doctors start to take care of Rose when Her mother says that she thought she would never see Allison again, considering her need to look after Yorrick. At Epiphanys tower, all of her lobby gaurds are entranced with the fact that a male had just shown up in front of them. You had placed her android outside and it drew there attention. As 355 and You arrived at the floor Epiphany was on, they killed the two gaurds there. This starts a fight that ends with A gun to you's head, and 355 holding a gun to a little girl. Unfortunately for 355, You turns on her and gives up Yorricks whereabouts. The two Dr. MAnns are working on Rose, Allison asks her Mother how she knows about Yorrick. Apparently, the President and her have been good friends for years, and she has kept up with information. It was The elder dr. Mann who told the President to send Yorrick to Allison Mann. Moreso to keep the Monkey away from someone specific rather than anything else. Back at Epiphany Towers, Yorrick has been captured and thrown into the room with 355. He tells her it is all part of a plan, but 355 begins to have a breakdown. She is finally fed up with all her job has made her do, and holding a gun to a little girls head, knowing she could easily pull the trigger was the last straw. Yorrick tells her about the time he killed the young girl in Arizona, and they decide it is time for them to have a long talk. Back at the Mann lab. Rose has woken up and confesses that she is a spy, Allison refuses to believe her, the last page we see the ninja has arrived and is about to hit Allison with the sharp end of her sword.



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Brittany Spears stole my Monkey 0

Now we are talking, plenty of things happen in this issue to get everything going. INot to mention the same witty dialogue and a ton of pop references. None moreso than the vilainess of this story line. She is obviously a riff on the whole Brittany Spears Jessica Simpson, morre looks than talent craze. I am interested in seeing where Yorricks master plan leads them. Since it actually seems that he has one. It was good to see thatall the stuff that has happened in this series has had some sort o...

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