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In this emotional issue, Yorick joins hundreds of women at a famous monument to pay tribute to all of the men who died in the Plague. But when a pack of violent female extremists interrupts this memorial service, the last man on Earth may end up joining his fallen brothers...

Agent 355 is given the mission to protect Yorrick on their Journey to see a bio-engineer, whom we met in the first issue. We meet the Amazons, a group of militant women who want to wipe out all remnants of their "male oppressors," which includes the last man himself. Yorrick's sister Hero returns.


Currently: Yorick gets manhandled by a gang of women.

An hour ago: Yorick and Agent 355 walk the streets of Washington D.C. on their way to Boston. Yorick senses Agent 355's anger at being his bodyguard and the two have a quick heart-to-heart. They determine that they need to find a motorcycle to wend their way through the broken down cars when Yorick hears singing. Agent 355 points him to the Washington Memorial. He distracts Agent 355 with Ampersand and sneaks off to the memorial to "pay his respects."

Yorick meets Rose and the two mourn the passing of so many great bands. Amazons show up and begin defacing the monument. Yorick stands up for men and reveals himself. The Amazons begin beating him. He fights back but is easily overcome. Agent 355 steps in (after having watched for the last ten minutes) and liberates Yorick. The Amazons flee and leave motorcycles and Yorick claims that it was all part of his plan. One of the lingering Amazons overhears that the duo is headed to Boston.

This Amazon woman goes to her leader and confesses her failure. The leader, Victoria, forms a hunting party and asks for someone familiar with the Boston area. Yorick's sister Hero steps forward.



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I feel with this book the series is finally taking off. That's not to say the series has been bad. One look at the scores tells that isn't the case. It's just that with 355 and Yorrick on the road, we get to see how the "plague" effected the rest of the world. Let me go off on a tangent though. Okay, I can not see any reason to have the only man in the world risking his life on a quest, when there are any number of bunkers and hide outs they could have placed him in. There is no reason to endan...

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