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Trapped inside an impenetrable bunker, Yorick Brown struggles to rescue his Congresswoman mother from a murderous posse. Meanwhile, Culper Ring operative Agent 355 risks her life to protect the first female President of the U.S., and the news that a lone male has survived begins to leak out...

Agent 355 is on the road with the new President. In washington, the wives of the dead Republican Congressmen are laying siege to the whitehouse to forcably take thier husbands seats. The Israelis find out about Yorricks existance.


Miles outside Washington D.C., Agent 355 and new President of the United States Margaret Valentine begin walking due to the unresolved traffic snarl that occurred when the men died.

At the White House, Representative Brown looks out the window and sees some of the wives of dead Congressmen. She explains to Yorick that the women want their husbands' seats and plan on holding the White House hostage. She leads him down to a fallout shelter and locks him in. Senator Cavanaugh finds Representative Brown and the two head out to start a dialogue with the angry women. Yorick immediately begins devising a way out of the bunker.

Outside, Representative Brown approaches the women and sees that they have taken a guard hostage. The women demand their husbands' seats and Rep. Brown denies them since they still live in a democracy. Ms. Stahl makes her case but is cut short when the woman holding the guard prisoner slips and shoots the guard in the head. Another guard reacts and kills the woman. This sets Ms. Stahl off and she shoots back at the guard. The fight ends when Agent 355 rolls up with the new president in a garbage truck. A political discussion ensues but gets interrupted when Yorick appears. (He had used a fire to override the bunker's locks.)

President Valentine takes Yorick and his mother, as well as Agent 355, into the Oval Office and decides that Yorick cannot stay in one place, as it would be too risky. She okays the move to have him find Dr. Mann and sends Agent 355 with him just in case he tries to head off to Australia to find Beth.

In Israel, Tse'Elon (new Chief of the General Staff) receives a phone call from the United States. A person on the other end reveals that a man named Yorick Brown lives.



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A Debate Ensues !!!! 0

So the wives of the dead congressmen come to DC to forcably take their dead husbands seats. Yorricks mother meets them outside and what happens is actually a pretty cool debate. What would be the political ramifications of a world where suddenly all the men died? If you were looking for action in the way most comic books give it this book would not come off well. Seriously all this book is is a long political discussion... with the presence of guns. There are a few people who get shot. One of t...

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