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Dr. Mann has decided to go out and make a deal with the Arizona militia, a bunch of women wanting to carry on in the posts of their husbands brothers and fathers. She asks them if her and her friends could have passage in return for medical assistance for two girls shot in a recent firefight.

This offer offends the leader of the group who was a nurse, and she hits Dr. Mann in the face with her gun. When Dr. Mann doesn't go down, she makes it a lesson to her daughter to keep hitting until they do.

Back at the gas station, Agent 355 has an idea of where Dr. Mann went off to, and she decides to go after her. Before she leaves she hands Yorrick a gun, in spite of his protests.

Agent 355 leaves and Yorrick and the mechanic "PJ", start talking she says she wants to have kids, Yorrick gets wide eyed but she tells him not with him, and thinks someone somewhere will figure how to do it.

Back at the Arizona Militias campground Dr. Mann is getting the hell beat out of her. Apparently the militia is now being run by a bunch of conspiracy theorists who have decided that Dr. Mann works for the government, and is beginning phase two of wiping out all life on the planet.

The leader sends her daughter out to check on P.J. , in the meantime, Agent 355 sneaks into the tent Dr. Mann is being held in and kills the woman beating her.

While Agent 355 is untying her Dr. Mann says more about her clone, and apologies, they are about to leave when the leader comes in and yells for her troops. Agent 355 puts the gun to her head, but instead of shhoting she knocks her out.

As two of the soldiers come in Agent 355 cuts ones eye out, and knocks out the other. She turns to see The leader holding a knife to Dr. Mann, threatening to slit her throat if Agent 355 doesn't stand down.

Back at the garage, Yorrick and P.J. are sharing some beers.When the wild dogs outside begin to bark. P.J. grabs her gun and runs out to check what it is, telling Yorrick to stay put. He pulls out the gun given to him by 355, and hides in the garage when he hears a gun shot.



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