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When a mysterious plague kills all male life on the planet, what do women do with the billions of corpses? Yorick Brown discovers the horrific answer as he travels to Washington in search of his Congresswoman mother. And which unexpected female has just been named President of the United States?


Two months later, Yorick walks outside in a gas mask and cloak to hide that he is a man. He has Ampersand in a carrier. A garbage truck careens out of control and Yorick barely avoids getting hit. A woman hops out and apologizes and turns to assessing the damage done. She sees that her cargo has fallen out; Yorick is surprised to see that she is hauling dead men. She explains that she hauls the bodies in exchange for cans of food. Seeing the carrier, she stoops down and opens the door expecting to see a dog. Ampesand jumps out and immediately rips the mask off Yorick's face.

In Virginia, Agent 355 busts down the door of a house in which Margaret Valentine sleeps. Agent 355 informs the woman, the current Secretary of Agriculture, that her title has been updated to the President of the United States. Margaret can't believe it but Agent 355 assures her that it is so.

Yorick is looked up and down (and his nethers verified) before the girl handcuffs him to the truck. She intends to sell him after she finishes loading the rest of the spilled bodies. Unfortunately for her, Yorick knows how to escape from that brand of handcuffs. He makes his way to the White House to find his mom.

Inside, Jennifer Brown sends home a Secret Service agent and thinks she is settling in for a quiet night. However, Yorick surprises her from behind and she flips him over before realizing who he is. The two play catch-up and Yorick explains his theory that he was saved by a magic ring he had bought. He then tells his mother that he is going to Australia to find out what Beth’s answer is to his proposal. Mrs. Brown puts that plan on hold and tells him about Dr. Alison Mann, a woman that may be able to work on a clone to get the population restarted. Just then, gunfire takes out a window.



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Mr. Y goes to washington 0

Yorrick Ventures out of his apartment to find his family. He instead finds a supermodel and a garbage truck. One of the two wants to sell him for food. This is the kind of thing that makes this series great. Showing the dangers in the simplist of situations. Not to spoil what happens in the beginning , but it continues when he does make it to Washington DC to see his mother. Once again, and I will probably say this in many reviews of this series. This is a character driven series, and it is in...

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