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Julio Rodriguez broke his younger brother Carlos out of Pelican Bay prison, bringing the existence of the Y-Men into light. The Young X-Men then recognised Julio's explosion tatoo on the cover of a paintballing magazine. They arrived at the paintball course to find that there were hundreds of Y-Men ready to take them on. After nearly beating the Young X-Men, Ink arrived with his phoenix tatoo and removed their powers.


The Y-Men were created in January 2009 by Marc Guggenheim and Rafa Sandoval.

Powers & Abilities

Julio Rodriguez has an explosion tatoo on his left hand similar to Ink's first tatoo. This grants him massively powerful punches. He also has a shield tatoo which allows him to project a forcefield around him.

Carlos Rodriguez has a tatoo on his left eye similar to Cable's scar on his right eye. This allows him to blast energy beams from his eye.

An unidentified man has cheetah -like spots on his skin which allow him to scratch through even Graymalkin's invulnerable skin.

Another unidentified man has spider web tatoos on his elbows which appear to grant Spiderman-like agility.

Another man has a dragon tatooed on his chest which allows him to breathe fire.

The only other noticable power is a man with a gun tatooed on his hand who can fire energy blasts from his finger.


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