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This page is for the fourth Kraven the Hunter, Xraven

For the original Kraven the Hunter, see Sergei Kravinoff

For the second Kraven the Hunter, see Alyosha Kravinoff

For the third Kraven the Hunter, see Ana Kravinoff



In the past, Mr Sinister had hired Kraven the Hunter to collect the genetic DNA samples of the original five X-Men. At the time, the X-Men teamed up with Spider-Man to fight Kraven (who had teamed up with the Blob) and thought that had successfully thwarted him. It wasn't until a few years later that they realized that there was more to their encounter. After Kraven committed suicide, Spider-Man inspected his personal files to check if he had left any mention of Spider-Man's secret identity. Instead, Spider-Man found a file which detailed the transaction between Sinister & Kraven. Together Spider-Man and a later incarnation of the X-Men destroyed the embryonic clones of the X-Men, and assumed that Sinister had therefore lost the genetic samples of the X-Men. However, Mr Sinsiter later made a deal with another of Spider-Man's foes; Carnage. While Carnage was incarcerated, Sinister telepathically forced the facility's staff into the cafeteria. Once they were alone, Sinister offered to set Carnage free to massacre his captors in exchange for a sample of the symbiote's DNA. Although the X-Men and Spider-Man managed to detain Carnage and return him to his cell, they were unaware of the latest genetic sample that Sinister had collected.


Xraven was created by Christos N. Gage and Mario Alberti.

Character Evolution

Kraven the Hunter IV
Kraven the Hunter IV

The heroes were ignorant to the fact that Mr Sinister had retained the genetic samples of the first five X-Men and Carnage. For years he labored in his laboratory to create the perfect slave based on the DNA he'd harvested over the years. The sample that Carnage had provided was tested upon until Sinister had mastered it's maleable abilities without the symbiote's destructive personality. The resulting clone thought he was Kraven the Hunter. However, with the enslaved DNA from Carnage, he was forced to obey Sinsiter. The clone was named Xraven, and as well as the skill & knowledge of Kraven the Hunter he had the mutant abilities of the first five X-Men.

Major Story Arcs

Spider-Man & the X-Men

Xraven began attacking low-level mutants. He started by attacking any Morlocks who had remained mutants after M-Day. Non-mutant Morlocks reported the attack to the X-Men, claiming that it had been Kraven the Hunter who had attacked them. The X-Men consulted Spider-Man, who confirmed that Kraven had not risen from the dead. Just as Spider-Man arrived at the conclusion that it must have been a clone of Kraven, there was a power-cut in the Institute and Xraven attacked. In the dark, Xraven had the advantage over the majority of the X-Men. With Kraven's abilities, he was a formidable fighter and held most of the X-Men at bay. As the fight progressed it became clear that he had other abilities as well. Beast's stamina & endurance allowed Xraven to cope with the disorientating side-effects of Nightcrawler's teleportation, while Marvel Girl's telepathy allowed him to block Spider-Man's Spider Sense and even force Kitty Pryde out of her phased state. Spider-Man tries to reason with Xraven; reminding him of how Kraven was ultimately an honorable man. Although flawed, Kraven would never be forced to act as someone else's slave.

However, Sinister's genetic programming was too strong. Inspired by how the Scarlet Spider had defeated Mr Sinister, Cyclops tried a similar approach. He reasoned with Xraven that he was being used by Sinsiter, and when he failed to listen, Cyclops goaded him into creating a telepathic link with him. Once the telepathic connection was established, Cyclops showed Xraven all of his own memories involving Mr Sinister. Xraven was expose to a barrage of memories; the young Scott Summers being bullied & experimented on in the Alaskan orphanage, the Marauder's murdering the Morlocks, finding kidnapped baby Nathan Christopher Summers in Sinister's secret laboratory underneath the orphanage, Madelyne Pryor confronting Marvel Girl during the Inferno, and Sinister battling the X-Men on the destroyed remains of Xavier's School. Xraven cried out and fled the Institute.

Rogue Clone

A Slave No More
A Slave No More

Xraven returned to Sinister. His mission hadn't been to defeat the X-Men, but collect genetic samples from them. Xraven had been successful, but instead of handing the green test-tubes to Sinister, he crushed them in his hand. Despite all of Mr Sinister's tests on the Carnage sample, Xraven had regained Kraven's sense of honour and rebelled against his master. Xraven then leapt towards Sinister to destroy him. Although it is clear that Mr Sinister survived his confrontation with Xraven, it is currently unknown whether Xraven survived.

Powers and Abilities

Xraven has the powers, abilities, and memories of Kraven The Hunter and the five original X-Men

Other Version

Other Media


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