Character » Xorr appears in 11 issues.

    The earliest humanoid civilization and their world transformed into a single jewel-like entity.

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    Six million years ago, the original civilization of humanoids was faced with the reality that their sun would go nova. They built machines that would form a nuclear shell around the planet to protect them. The blast of their sun going nova drove them into space. Over eons, the shield that protected the planet started shrinking... and the planet with it. Eventually it crystalizied  into a giant jewel, which crashed into an asteroid. There it gained sentience and became Xorr the God-Jewel. There it forced some of the beings to mine him out of the planet .When the alien Gramosians tried to raid Xorr, the miners fought them off becoming just 3 miners from 60. Xorr caused the planet Gramos to suffer from electromagnetic disturbances this brought Mercurio into confict with the Jewel. 

    Meanwhile when Karnilla and the Lady Sif were searching for Balder Xorr pulled them inside itself and began to slowly drain them of their life force. Using their energy the living jewel escaped the asteroid and aspired to godhood. OdinThor and Mercurio tricked Xorr into absorbing a star going nova. Then they rescue Karnilla and Sif as Xorr exploded into tiny fragments.


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