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A Mind Blowing Read!

It's books like Xombi that make me love comics all over again.

The Good

You may recall the Xombi series by John Rozum and Denys Cowan that was originally published by Milestone under the DC banner back in 1994. If you don't remember the series, or (like me) weren't reading comics back in 1994; don't worry; you will not need that series to understand this one. Xombi is a relaunch of that original series, and as crazy and cooky as Xombi's world is- it's not difficult to understand what is going on in this issue. The third issue of the Xombi relaunch is brilliant. When read consecutively, (issues one to three) the pacing of the story is perfect. The characters are interesting and fun, and the world is so far out there that it will just boggle your mind- in a good way. I never loved Frazer Irving's art on Batman and Robin, but I absolutely love it here. Frazer's artistic style is a little bit on the dark and eerie side, which compliments the context and tone of this story perfectly. Rozum has developed an amazing and imaginative world that will keep you on your toes and the edge of your seat at the turn of every page.

The Bad

This is not necessarily a criticism, but rather a warning to new readers. In order to fully appreciate Xombi #3, please do yourself a favor and read the previous two issues. If you don't read them, I guarantee you will have a very hard time understanding what is going on.

The Verdict

This is like nothing I have ever read! Xombi is a concept completely unique. It stands out from any other comic out in the market right now, which is exactly the kind of series I have been searching for. Xombi manages to successfully integrate elements of sci-fi, fantasy and super-heroism together in a refreshing and eloquent way, delivering characters that are interesting and unique. The book, overall is very impressive. I highly recommend this series (and this issue) to anyone who is looking for a very different, well written book.

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