omertalvendetta's Xombi #2 - The Ninth Stronghold, Part Two: The Green House review

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Nuns With Guns!!


Awesome... what can I say?  It's hard to say whether that is Nun of the Above or Nun the Less...  Priceless cover.  Only thing is I wish the pink background was a different color.  I have no issue with pink, just seems like a gray or purple would've worked better.

The Good:

This comics is fun, plain and simple.  It's got great storytelling, fantastic dialogue and even better action.  Granted, it's not utterly action packed, but there are still lots of things happening every page.  I really like the supernatural aspects of this series, and how it's introduced and then utilized to carry out the story in this issue itself and how it may lead to future events in the rest of the series.  You have got to be picking this up if you really dig superb supernatural tales with great writing.

The Bad:

I'd say waiting for the third issue, but it's already hit the stands... so I guess there's not a damn thing wrong with this issue.  


Extremely surprised at how great this series has actually turned out to be.  I shouldn't really be too surprised, since I heard all sorts of great things from friends about the previous run, but I haven't gotten a chance to read that one.  If it's as good as this one is shaping up to be, then I might have to acquire the others in trade.  This is one glorious (pun intended?) comic that all should be reading.


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