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    Vernon Boyne's boss and a nullomancer.

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    Current Events

    Ex Nihilo is the head of a gang who is running unknown experiments on coma patients. In an attempt to accomplish their goals, she and the Squid seek out a man named Mr. King who's brother was involved in a robbery during the last incidents surrounding the H Dials. She uses him as a conduit to bring back Abyss. She tried to capture Abyss, but ended up enraging it. She blamed Manteau and Nelson Jent for its escape and she captured Manteau though she didn't see any need to take Jent. She tortured Manteau for information who eventually revealed how to operate the dial, amongst other things. Turning into Tap-Out, she tried to combat the Abyss to control it. She became another hero and tried to get the Abyss to work alongside her when it showed her the Squid's betrayal. Traveling through the Abyss, she confronted her turncoat comrade as well as Nelson Jent and Manteau.

    She manipulated the nothingness that had previously injured the Squid and left him for dead to confront the Abyss as the new form of Hairbringer. When he sent little nothings to attack him, she decided to destroy the Abyss, saying that there would be others voids that she could control. Cock-a-Hoop attacked her before they worked together to take out the Abyss. After they managed to defeat it, a being that possessed an H Dial emerged and shifted rapidly between forms to attack X.N. It broke her Dial and she fell to her death.

    Her true identity is that of Dr. Wald, Darren Hirsch's neurologist.


    After going through an 'Aleister Crowley phase,' when she was younger, she dug deeper and began to learn about nothingness and the 'unplace' when she was fourteen. Three years later, she heard of a creature of nothingness that had been trapped on Earth and she began to study empty minds with the intent of making a vessel for it, becoming a nullomancer. She managed to halt the Squid's continual falling through other universes to find out about the Abyss.


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