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    Series » Published by Marvel. Started in 2000.

    X-Men: Evolution was an animated series based on the X-Men comic books. It aired on Kids' WB and ran between 2000 and 2003.

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    X-Men: Evolution takes place in upstate New York in the town of Bayville. The Xavier Students train at the Xavier Institute as the X-Men, while trying to keep their powers a secret. To that end, they try to blend in by attending the local high school, Bayville High, where they also run into their enemies: the Brotherhood.

    Contribution to Comic Books

    While this series is originally based on comic books, it actually created new characters, who would later be introduced to the comic books.

    X-23 as she appeared in her debut
    X-23 as she appeared in her debut

    X-23 first appeared in season 3 in the episode "X23," and later in "Target X" as well as the series finale. While in the comic books she was created by the Facility, an off-shoot of Weapon X, in the animated series X-23 was created by HYDRA.

    X-23 was created by Craig Kyle. She was voiced by Andrea Libman in her first appearance in "X23," though was later voiced by Britt Irvin in "Target X."

    X-23 would later make her comic book debut in NYX #3.


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