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    Mad Goddess of the Okaarans.

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    X`hal was the leader of an alien race called the Okaarans that lived in the Vega Star system. One day the alien race Psions visited the peaceful Okaarans with an alien called the Branx who enjoyed fighting. The Psions captured X`Hal and performed many horrible and torturous experiments including forcing her to mate with the Branx being.

    After numerous tries X`Hal became pregnant and gave birth to Auron who resembled an Okaaran and Complex-Complex ,a brutish, blue-skinned being. The Branx warrior attempted to violate X`Hal again but she stabbed him with scissors. The Branx warrior snapped her neck and was disintergrated by the Psions. Trying to reanimate her they bombarded her body with pure energy. That along with the numerous tests brought her back to life but she was extremely angry ,she gather her children and destroyed the Psions and their base. She flew back to Okaara and was declared by them their goddess. The Complex-Complex started a riot and had the peaceful Okkarran waring with each other. Thus they became known as the Warlords of Okaara. After a Doomsday weapon destroyed half their planet, Complex-Complex was banished by the Okaarans. This enraged X`Hal and she destroyed 3 of the 23 planets in the Vega System, It took thousands of lives to imprison her

    Notably, X'hal is also used as an interjection by Tamaranians such as Starfire, similar to how humans use interjections like 'God!'.

    New 52

    X'hal was once a Tamaranian that was experimented on by the 'Makers', as they saw within her an ability to channel great power. Being reborn as a being of pure light and fire, X'hal found worship and adoration amongst her native planet, eventually expanding her dominion across two dozen planets. All awas good for a time; however, the Makers returned. Lashing out at them, X'hal destroyed both them and innocents before retreating from her domains. Her breakdown inadvertently created the group known as the Godkillers.

    During her absence, Tamaran fell into war. A war orphan named K'alandyr becomes an apostle of sorts to her following a demonstration of her power and founds a religion, the Religion of the Light and Fire, and begins prostletyzing across planets. During her mission, she brings peace and prosperity in the name of X'hal. This eventually puts her in the sights of Kyle Rayner, Carol Ferris and the Templar Guardians.

    X'hal makes her presence known on the planet Kalosa, descending to bring peace to the wartorn planet. X'hal surprises the New Guardians by not demanding their worship, but instead welcoming their skepticism. She does not, however, welcome their attempts to interfere with building the Cathedral, or their accusations about what gives her the right to reshape worlds.

    When the Godkillers attack, they temporarily wound X'hal, invoking her indescrimate wrath. She calms when Kyle teleports the Godkillers out of the area. However, she attempts to learn the location the Godkillers were teleported to by threatening the Guardians, though they rebuke her efforts. Defeated, she dissapears.


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