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    Xesh was a Force Hound and servant of the Rakata and their Infinite Empire. He would later denounce the Rakata and join the Je'daii Order on Tython.

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    Xesh was born a Human slave and, found at a young age to be Force sensitive, was trained as a Force Hound of the Infinite Empire. As a child, he would participate in gladiatorial-type matches against other Force Hounds on the planet Byss, honing his skills and climbing to the top of his ranks, becoming Predor Tul'kar's top enforcer and soldier.


    Xesh was created by John Ostrander to be one of the main characters in his Dawn of the Jedi series, which takes place 25,000 years before the Original Trilogy of Star Wars movies as part of the Extended Universe.

    Character Evolution

    "This is not betrayal. This is rebellion. I am not your Hound. I am not your slave. I am not Xesh. I am Tau."

    -- Xesh renouncing his former life and choosing to be free.

    Xesh in his Force Hound garb.
    Xesh in his Force Hound garb.

    Xesh began his life as a slave of the Infinite Empire and once he was found out to be Force sensitive, was trained to be a Force Hound. Growing up as a slave in the Infinite Empire meant Xesh was subjected gladiatorial-type matches growing up as he was pitted against other Force Hounds. When he wasn't fighting the other Force Hounds in the Ring, he had to bunk with the other slaves and defend himself from all angles, as only the strongest slaves would survive in the slave quarters. When the Rakata needed to move their ships, they would place their slaves in sleep chambers and use their Force energies to travel, which subjected Xesh to the volatile emotions of the dark side. Over time, this was all he came to know- fight for survival and negative emotions. He would eventually betray his broodmate Trill, who he had come to trust as they protected each other in the slaves' quarters, at a moment's notice when ordered by his Predor.

    As he was ordered to find the Force-rich planet Tython, Xesh crash landed on the planet's surface, engaging in a duel with three young Je'daii rangers. Emerging victorious but succumbing to his injuries later, Xesh would be captured by the rangers but would be surprised as to the respect and generosity they showed him. Xesh would be sent to the prison moon Bogan, however, where he met the deranged Jed'aii Daegen Lok, who took him off the moon to assemble a Force Saber. As the Journeyers tracked down the duo, Shae Koda convinces Xesh to learn more about the Force than just the dark side, starting his training in the light side. He would join the Je'daii in their war against his former masters, learning how to balance both sides of the Force, how to work as a team, and how to trust his companions. Over time, he would start a relationship with Koda, telling her his true name Tau, and ultimately chose the Je'daii and Koda over serving the Infinite Empire. Xesh had completed his transformation from a cold-hearted, unfeeling warrior into a trusting, thoughtful, and loving man.

    Major Story Arcs

    Force Storm

    "You meet me with blades drawn and expect me to believe you mean no harm? Liars. You are the enemy! I will fight and die as a warrior! You will not feast on my bones!"

    -- Xesh right before he attacks the Je'daii Journeyers.

    As the Infinite Empire searches for Force-rich worlds to devour, Xesh is tasked by his Predor to track and find Tython, a planet more rich in the Force than any the Rakata have encountered before. As he finds the planet, Predor Skal'nas, Xesh's real Predor, orders Xesh to attack his crew and disable Tul'kar's ship once they reach the planet, making sure that only Skal'nas would be able to claim the planet as his own. The Rakata used the Force to place barriers on Xesh's mind, making sure he wouldn't remember the orders so that Tul'kar wouldn't sense the deception. Crash landing on Tython without any memories, Xesh receives minor injuries, including a concussion, and immediately runs into the Je'daii rangers Shao Koda, Tasha Ryo, and Sek'nos Rath.

    Xesh after crash landing on Tython.
    Xesh after crash landing on Tython.

    Defeating the trio after an intense duel, Xesh wanders off into the Chasm and the Abyss of Ruh, a deep rift on the planet's surface that drives any who venture too far inside mad. Xesh soon fends off multiple creatures and almost collapses due to his injuries and fatigue. As he came under attack from a rift worm, the three Journeyers came to his rescue, fending off the creature until Xesh gathered his bearings and joined in as well. Xesh would enter in a Force Meld with Ranger Koda, feeling for the first time in his life the light side of the Force, before the group defeated the worm. With the worm defeated, Xesh succumbed to his injuries, falling unconscious before being taken to Mahara Kesh, the Je'daii's healing Temple. A council of elder Je'daii determined that Xesh was dangerous to Tython and sentenced him to the moon Bogan, where he was expected to meditate and learn balance.

    Prisoner of Bogan

    "Surrender? So you can abandon me on that wasteland moon until I start to think like you? No!"

    -- Xesh rejecting the Je'daii's offer of surrender.

    For two months, Xesh meditated on Bogan, reliving his past experiences and trying to understand the concept of the "light side". Eventually he would meet the deranged Je'daii Daegen Lok, who had foreseen the arrival of a Force saber wielding enemy years earlier after his venture into the Chasm and the Abyss. Leading him to a crashed starfighter from a previous war fought on Tython, Lok convinced Xesh to team up with him to escape the moon and build the both of them Force sabers, since Xesh had had his taken away. Xesh and Lok took the starship to the planet Krev Coeur where they intended to gather the crystal needed to focus the Force saber's blade.

    Xesh engaging Ranger Bel Zana.
    Xesh engaging Ranger Bel Zana.

    Their ship crashes as they near the planet, but both survive and would wind up getting their needed supplies. Unfortunately, news of his escape had reached the other Je'daii, and soon Rangers Rath, Bel Zana, and Jake Fenn tracked down the two escapes, intending to bring them into custody once again. Claiming he would never be a slave again, Xesh engages the Rangers, and with Lok, would defeat them and make their way to Nox, a large city housing many factories. Xesh constructs Force sabers for both him and Lok but is soon tracked down by Shae Koda. He halfheartedly engages her in a duel, not wanting her to die as he still shared an uncanny bond with her after their fight with the rift worm. As a large octopus creature snags Koda and drags her underwater, Xesh jumps in to save her, risking his own life for a person who should be an enemy to him. He makes her his "prisoner" and regroups with Lok at the Ryo Fortress on Shikaakwa, looking to gain sanctuary from the Je'daii rangers chasing them.

    Sek'nos Rath, Trill, and the other Rangers tracked them to the Fortress as well, and soon a battles ensues. Xesh engages Rath, and after defeating the male Ranger, goes on to duel Koda, who had recently been released from the Mind Trick placed on her by Lok, During the duel, Koda's words reach Xesh, making him doubt his exclusive use of the dark side. As Koda is knocked away by Lok who then attempts a Mind Twist on Xesh, the Force Hound defeats the attack on his mind and prepares to trike down Lok, only to be stopped by Koda, convincing Xesh to give Lok another chance at redemption. Xesh trusts his instincts and trusts her, stays his hand, and returns to Tython with the Je'daii. It was revealed at this time that Ranger Hawk Ryo shared Lok's Vision of an enemy wielding a Force saber leading a dark army on Tython, and tells the Je'daii that the enemy he saw in his vision was none other than Xesh himself.

    Now willing to begin his training on gaining inner balance, Xesh is trained as a Je'daii and helps his fellow companions set up countermeasures and prepare for the invasion of the Rakata - the dark army in Lok and Ryo's vision.

    Force War

    "You were wrong about me. I know who I am. Skal'nas restored my memories--all of them. I know who I am--and everything I have done. I was more than a slave. I was a willing participant, destroyer of worlds, harbinger of death!"

    -- Xesh arguing with Shae Koda in the Abyss of Ruh.

    Xesh and Shae Koda after a battle.
    Xesh and Shae Koda after a battle.

    The Infinite Empire has invaded Tython and has been at war with the Je'daii for over a year now. Xesh, now fully committed to the Je'daii, shows them how to construct their own Force sabers, teaches them how to use the dark side to empower the blades, and is put in charge of the Je'daii's army. Some of his memories have returned, and he uses his knowledge of the Rakata to further aid the war effort against his former Masters. Xesh is soon seen defending Shikaakwa from a horde of Flesh Raiders, mutated Rakatan soldiers who are bred for one purpose and one purpose only - war and death. He is soon joined in his effort by Shae Koda and Daegen Lok, but would soon have to retreat as Rakatan Annihilators, the ancient ancestor to the Spider Walkers used by the Separatists in the Clone Wars, rain down fire on the trio. Realizing they have found the main position of the Rakatan forces, Xesh orders Lok to call in an airstrike, knowing without it they would be overrun. With the airstrike taking out most of the Annihilators, Xesh leads a large group of Je'daii Masters against the Flesh Raider forces defending, resulting in a long, bloody battle. The Je'daii forces would prove victorious, moving ever so closer to the command base of Predor Skal'nas. After the battle, Xesh would share an intimate night with Shae Koda, further strengthening the bond between the two.

    The next day, Xesh would use his Force powers to locate the main base of the Rakata, located on the far side of the planet at Ska Gora. Xesh would partake in the attack on the base, committing a large portion of their forces to the attack, thinking they would catch the Rakatan forces by surprise. Unfortunately, the Rakata set a trap, with Flesh Raiders utilizing underground tunnels to encircles and trap the Je'daii forces. Xesh would fend off the Flesh Raiders that attacked him, intending to enter under their base through the tunnels the Flesh Raiders had just used. As he entered the caverns, Trill accompanied him, revealing herself as Skal'nas's agent and knocking out Xesh. She then takes Xesh to Skal'nas, who removes the limiters he placed on Xesh's mind previously, causing his memories to come flooding back to him. Appalled at the things he'd done, Xesh concluded that the Je'daii wouldn't accept him if they found out the truth, and thus joined Skal'nas again.

    Skal'nas takes Xesh to Lok, who had been captured during the Flesh Raider ambush earlier. Xesh uses his Force abilities on Lok, peering into his mind to find what Skal'nas came to Tython for - an Infinity Gate, a large gateway that could transport a person to any world and was able to reconnect the Rakata to the Force, who had as a species their Force connection withered. Skal'nas then uses Xesh and Trill as a conduit to lash out at the Je'daii seers who had been using the Force to predict the future, which was the cause of many of the Je'daii victories throughout the war. Through Xesh, Skal'nas blinds Tasha Ryo and cuts her off from the Force. This display bolsters the efforts of the Flesh Raiders, causing the Je'daii to retreat and label Xesh a traitor.

    Xesh vs Skal'nas.
    Xesh vs Skal'nas.

    Skal'nas then takes Lok and Xesh into the Abyss, attempting to locate and claim the Infinity Gate for himself and the Infinite Empire. Traveling through the Abyss, Xesh and his new Master make their way downwards, and after receiving info from Lok as to how they would traverse the Abyss safely, they ditch Lok and make their way to the Gate. As Skal'nas opens the Gate, Lok and Shae Koda confront the two. Xesh implores Shae to surrender, telling her she can't hope to stop Skal'nas. She instead tells him that he's the only one who can, as she forgives him for what he's done to her and to others, stating "That is what it means to love someone." Inspired by her words, Xesh turns on Skal'nas, sparking an epic duel between the two. Xesh then strikes down Skal'nas, disowning the Rakata once and for all and naming himself Tau. He then escapes with Koda and an injured Lok on Kota's flying rancor, making their way back to their Je'daii allies.

    With the death of Skal'nas, the leader of the invading Rakatan forces, the Sub-Predors turned against each other, effectively defeating themselves as they fled the system. With the war against the Infinite Empire over, Tau disembarks on a journey to explore Tython with Shae Koda as the two start a romantic relationship.

    Lightsaber Skill

    "Be warned. I know only one way to fight--to the end. To death."

    Xesh's many scars from his early life.
    Xesh's many scars from his early life.

    Xesh was the top Force Hound in the Rakatan Infinite Empire and was thus the greatest soldier they had. He was entrusted to finding Force-rich planets, then leading the Rakatan armies in the ensuing invasion and takeover of said planet. He utilized a Force saber in combat, a weapon that was activated by drawing on the power of the dark side and channeling it through the blade.

    His skill with his blade allowed him to compete with three Je'daii Journeyers despite him just surviving a starship crash and fighting with a concussion. His skill extended to other weapons as well, as when he wielded a regular steel sword against Sek'nos Rath on Kev Coeur, he told the Journeyer "I have slain enemies with far more primitive weapons..." As a child growing up in the Infinite Empire, Xesh fought in gladiatorial-type matches against other up and coming Force Hounds, expected to use whatever weapons that were provided to aid him win, using small spikes to defeat an enemy Hound once. As a full fledged Hound, he was able to engage multiple Flesh Raiders and come out on top, defeat other Force Hounds in saber combat, as well as fight one of the top Predors of the Infinite Empire, Skal'nas, and defeat him in single combat. He would prove instrumental in the defeat of the Infinite Empire on Tython, leading and surviving many battles in the year long conflict.

    He was also skilled in unarmed combat, defeating multitudes of other Force Hounds, some that were aliens and presumably physically stronger than him. He would fend off other slaves attacking him and protect Trill as well when the two were kids. When he grew older, he was able to outmaneuver Sek'nos Rath and Daegen Lok, the latter who had the drop on him from behind.

    Force Powers

    "It is dangerous to stop me when I command the Force. Don't ever presume to understand my power."

    -- Xesh warning Daegen Lok about his power.

    Xesh was incredibly strong in the Force. When he crash landed on Tython, he shifted the entire planet towards the dark side, changing weather patterns as large Force storms were created. This was due to the large dark side energies his body absorbed when many dark side users dies during his ship crash on Tython. One of the storms got so powerful, the one centered around Xesh himself, that Je'daii Masters in Temples around the planet band together to dissipate it. Je'daii masters throughout the planet would then sense that Xesh was the focal point of the dark side taint, which caused imbalance of the Force throughout the whole planet.

    Incapacitates Sek'nos Rath with Force Lightning.
    Incapacitates Sek'nos Rath with Force Lightning.

    On top of this, he was extremely skilled at augmenting his body, senses, and attacks with the Force, utilizing powerful Force jumps, chaining in Telekinesis and Force Lightning into his lightsaber sequences, and using the Force to sense others tracking him.

    His skill with Force Lightning was such that he could knockout other Force sensitives, reactivate an old starship that had been sitting dormant for twelve years, and sabotage a Rakatan starship, causing it to crash land.

    He could utilize a unique ability known as Force Shadow, where he would project an image of himself through space to scout ahead or to possibly fool an enemy. It was this technique that he used to locate the planet Tython. Xesh was also skilled in the abilities Mind Twist, Force Empathy, and Tutaminis, able to catch, absorb, and redirect energy, seen when he caught Sek'nos Rath's ball of Lightning and fired it back at him.


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