Team » Xeronians appears in 17 issues.

    A semi-humanoid alien race with orange skin and one eye.

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    The Xeronians are a peace loving race who went into battle when alien invaders attacked a neighbouring planet. Fearing his planet would be next, Randau the King of Xeron went through an experimental procedure to give himself the powers of Xeron's third sun. This converted him from a just monarch of peace into a mutated hate filled conqueror.


    The Xeronians were created by writer Gary Friedrich and artist Marie Severin. They first appeared in "And Now...the Space Parasite!" in 1968.

    Major Story Arc

    After defeating the invading threat, King Randau decided to leave Xeron and continue his blood lust by exploring the universe for any potential threats to his people. However over time the Xeronians realised that Randau had become a parasite that needed to feed on the energy of his defeated foes to stay alive. Years later the Xeronians tracked their former king to Earth where he was battling The Hulk and decided Randau must die. Defeat at the hands of Hulk had taken Randau to the brink of death and he decided to teleport back to his ship and return to Xeron and die on home soil. However just before he reached his ship, the Xeronians detonated the self destruct mechanism thinking Randau was on board and hoping to kill him. Realising he now had no home to go to, the Space Parasite lay on a floating piece of debris and waited for death.


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