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Xenovia is a young woman who appeared with Irina Shidou tasked by the Church to retrieve the missing Excalibur s. One of the natural Holy Sword user, she is entrusted to use the Holy Sword Durandal.

After the Kokabiel incident and learning that God is dead, she joined Rias Gremory's peerage and given the rank of Knight along with Yuuto Kiba.


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Xenovia is a young woman around the age of Issei, though at first glance, you can say that she is older. Her hair is short with a highlight of green and the color of her eyes is brown. Her body sculpture though good are less when in comparison to most of the women in the series. Maybe because of her tough and boyish nature.

In her first appearance, she is seen wearing a the church battle uniform which consist of a white cloak and a skin tight outfit.

When she defected to the devil faction she starts wearing the Kuoh Academy Uniform after joining Rias Gremory's peerage and transferring to Kuoh Academy.


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Xenovia has been portrayed in her first appearance to have a very serious personality. She places her mission above anything else. Even when it is known to her that the mission give n to her would later lead to her death, she will accept it willingly.

Xenovia also have the a strong sense of faith to the religion that she serves , like her partner Irina Shidou. But unlike her, she has a sense of flexibility to her like accepting help from other factions.

After she becomes part of Rias' peerage, she develops a close bond with Asia who before she refers to as a witch mainly because of Asia's kindness.

Power and Abilities

Even before turning into a devil, Xenovia already has superhuman capabilities as displayed when she defeated Yuuto Kiba in a mock battle.

Generic Devil Powers

- Her power that came from being turned into a devil.

  • Super Human Strength and Endurance
  • Enhance Senses
  • "Language" - ability to talk with any sentient being.
  • Summoning

She also has, as she said herself, a natural affinity to Holy Swords.

Holy Swords

Excalibur Destruction

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Excalibur Destruction is one of the seven swords created from the shattered pieces of the original Excalibur.

This sword also go by the name Holy Sword of Destruction because of its ability to to unleash pure, destructive power that can easily shatter anything it comes into contact with.


  • a cross in the pommel
  • a grip long enough that can be held with 3 hands (judging from Xenovia's hand position)
  • an axe-like guard
  • a second grip with a chain-like form
  • a long blade that ends with 3 points


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Durandal is one of the four Holy Swords forged by God. Durandal's power is not easy wield as its power is comparable to a wild horse, just being able to handle it is a feat unto itself.

Xenovia who is said to be compatible to any Holy Sword keeps Durandal in a pocket dimension because even for her, weilding it proves difficult.


Like Durandal, it is a Holy Sword of great power.


  • Xenovia's body measurements are B87-W58-H88 cm. (B34-W23-H35 in.) and her height is 166 cm. (5 feet 5 inches), and her weight is 56 kg. (123 lbs.).
  • Xenovia doesn't wear any undergarments when wearing her battle suit.
  • Xenovia' Birthday is February 14.

Media Appearance

High School DXD 3DS "Erotic Battle Adventure Game"

High School DXD Card Game

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