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Taking place some time after the series finale of Xena: Warrior Princess and before the events of the "Contest of Pantheons." - featured in DYNAMITE'S XENA #'S 1-4 - "Dark Xena" finds Gabriele making a request of the Gods and learning that you must be very, very careful, what you wish for, and how you wish for it! Xena is Dead, Long Live Xena.. er.. Dark Xena that is, and by Dark, we mean just plain Nasty...Mean... and Evil...

Gabriell long time love and companion of Xena warrior princess is having a hard time adjusting to life without her friend. She is grief stricken and become hell bent on bring her back to life. She journey's across many lands until locating a cave with literally the most ancient being on the planet, predating known gods and provinces, C'Thulon.

Gabby begs him a boon to bring her friend back to life, he warns her to think of her request before asking a favor of a god as she knows they never turn out well. She dosnt care and decides to go ahead anyway.

She appears in a village and follows the voice of Joxer into a bar where she gives him a kiss and is shocked at his apparent "resurrection". He is giving on of his many tall tales and then Xena comes in. When gabby tries to hug her she swats her away like a fly, she chops off the bartenders hand when he requests her money and its only joxer that saves gabby from having her tongue cut out.

Outside Gabby realizes Joxer and Xena have no idea who is she and that her wish from the god has gone terribly wrong. She ahs Xena back but the xena that existed before she turned good. The duo run into Xena's crew which now includes Joxers brother jett and two unnamed warriors. they slaughter the bar patrons and make off with its money. Gabby now must stop xena or re-convert her to light or the world is doomed.

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