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Xemnu was an intergalactic criminal who had been imprisoned on a prison planet, until he sneaked past guards and hijacked a supply ship. Xemnu arrived on Earth after his spacecraft ran out of fuel and crashed. His unconscious body is discovered by an electrician named Joe Harper. When he came to, Xemnu used telepathy to control Harper and later, each and every other human being on Earth and forced them to build a new spaceship so Xemnu could return home. As Xemnu departed, Harper was released from Xemnu's telepathic hold and sabotaged the ship's electrical system, electrocuting him and causing him to fall into a coma-like state. As the ship departed, Xemnu's hold over the people of Earth faded and they forgot he had ever existed.


Xemnu was created by Jack Kirby and first appeared in Journey Into Mystery issue 62. In his first appearances, he was called "The Hulk". This was before the green Hulk we know today was created. After that, his name was changed to Xemnu.

Major Story Arcs

FIghting the Hulk Family

Xemnu has had a long history of fights between him and the Incredible Hulk and his cousin, the She-Hulk. Many times the creature battled them, however he was always defeated.


Xemnu eventually returned to space and was a select servant of the Phalanx. He (or a possibly a relative) has now returned to Earth and now serves with Marvel Monsters.

Monsters Unleashed

Xemnu has taken over South Korea, and put all of its citizens under mind control giving each there personal fantasy, including Amadeus Cho, the current Hulk. Soon Cho breaks the mid control and with the help of White Fox, Cho is able to get to Xemnu. After explaining to the heroes that Xemnu is trying to protect South Korea from the Leviathans, Xemnu and the Hulk fight it out. Eventually the Hulk defeats Xemnu, uppercutting him into the Pacifc Ocean, where Xemnu escape.


In addition to his superhuman size and strength, Xemnu has telepathy, telekinesis, and the power of mass hypnosis.


Height : 11'0" (Originally 20'0")

Weight : 1100 lbs.

Eyes : Red

Hair : White (Originally Brown)

Relatives :


Place of Birth:

Marital Status:

Occupation: Intergalactic Criminal



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