Xavier's Underground Enforcers

    Team » Xavier's Underground Enforcers appears in 25 issues.

    Once members of the XSE but no longer believing in their ideals. Some would quit & create the XUE. The XUE would more aggressively fight for the dream of peaceful co-existence between humans & mutants.

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    Team History

    The X.U.E. (Xavier Ungerground Enforcers) originated from the future time-line known as Earth#1191, the same as ex-X-Men member Bishop. The group consisted of disgruntled member's of the X.S.E ( Xavier Security Enforcers) who felt that the X.S.E. no longer were following Professor Charles Xavier's ( Professor X) dream and were changing it to fit their needs. Each of them were loyal, long time members of the XSE who simple coulndt ignore their conscious any longer. The X.S.E. left and created their own team.

    Origin of The Xavier Underground Enforcers

    A mysterious man, who appears to be the Forge of the future, called Genesis, gets in contact with Fixx for a secret meeting. This meeting would plant the seed that would grow into a new organization called the Xavier Underground Enforcers (XUE). Other X.S.E. team-members Archer and Greystone would soon follow and join the XUE. The purpose of the XUE was to stand up for mutant rights in their future timeline. They would more closely follow the words of Charles Xavier, unwilling to bend or change them like the XSE. Not too long after they would even recruit yet another high ranking officer from the XSE named Shard, Bishop's little sister.

    Shard's membership with the X.U.E. would however be short lived, she would return to the X.S.E. still believing in their ideals, but not giving them any information of the new splinter-group. Time passes and the X.U.E. still thrived. Though they were starting to think that their efforts were falling short of their desired goal. They would decide the best way to repair their world is to go to the past and stop their time from occurring. Luckily for them they found a way to go to the past. Their old teammember Shard, now dead and reanimated as a sentient hologram, was in the past on Earth #616. The plan was for Fixx to lock on Shard's essence and merge with her there. At least that was the plan, but things didn't go as planed. Firstly, Fixx wouldn't go alone. Her X.U.E. partners, Archer and Greystone, would accompany her.  And above all, Shard was no longer a good host for three different people.

    At the same time the team arrived in the past (our present day) an accident occurred. On a bus a bomb had taken the lives of three individuals: a blonde girl in her early twenties, a young teenage boy and middle aged man. Fixx, Greystone and Archer would enter the bodies of these deceased bus goers and the bodies would come back to life. It wasn't planned but it worked out. Though Fixx and her companions had new bodies, they still had their minds and mutant powers. Unfortunately for Fixx, the girls body she inhabitant would suffer from amnesia. This meant that Fixx did too.

    Joining X-Factor and the end of the X.U.E.

    After establishing themselves in the present time, the team tried to find Shard and ask for her help. Shard was now a member of X-Factor, a government appointed team of mutants. However, when they find her, a battle erupts between the X.U.E. and X-Factor. Luckily the team soon tells X-factor about their situation and the battle is ceased. The decision was made to let the X.U.E. join X-Factor and help them on their missions. Although Fixx and Archer found it easy to live in these new and strange times, their teammate Greystone started acting radical and strange. He even became a danger to his old teammates of the X.U.E. and his new teammates of X-factor. At one point in time, Greystone thought it was necessary to detonate a time-altering bomb in an airplane, trying to stop certain things from happening, so that the future might be safe. The X-man Havok was able to stop the mad Greystone, but the bomb went off anyway. This bomb teleported Havok into the "Mutant X" time-line, but almost certainly killed Greystone. Archer, Fixx and X-factor fought their teammates to have perished (although Havok returned a few years later and returned tot the X-men). The X-factor team quietly disbanded soon afterwards. Archer soon afterwards quit the hero business, leaving without telling anyone. What has become of Archer and Fixx and if they're even still in the 616 timeline remains to be seen.

    Team rooster

    Fixx: A commanding officer is the X.S.E with vast Psionic powers.

    Greystone: The super strong teenage member.

    Archer: Able to convert body in solide light.

    Shard: Bishop's sister shard, also the youngest commanding officer ever promoted in the X.S.E. ever.

    Genesis: Genesis is a potential future version of Forge and founder of the X.U.E.

    Team Stats

    Former Members: Fixx, Archer, Greystone, Shard, Forge/Genesis & numerous other unnamed members.

    Leader: Fixx (though never appointed she acted in the capacity of a leader for the XUE.)

    Base of Operations: Originally an abandoned Sentinel tact base, later the X-Factor Complex.

    Team Status: Defunct

    First Appearance: X-Factor vol.1 # 140

    Creators: Whilce Portacio. Jonn Byrne & Art Thibert


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