Xavier Dorison

    Person » Xavier Dorison is credited in 198 issues.

    Writer of Le Troisième Testament, Sanctuaire, Prophet and Long John Silver. He also works for cinema and TV.

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    Séries principalesdeàRôle
    XIII Mystery (en portugais)2011
    XIII Mystery (en anglais)2014
    W.E.S.T (en portugais)2005
    Undertaker (en portugais)20192021
    Undertaker (en espagnol)20152016
    Tercer Testamento: Julius (El)2010
    Terceiro Testamento (O)19992000
    Sanctum (Sanctuaire US)20052014
    Long John Silver (en portugais)2021
    Long John Silver (en anglais)20102013
    Long John Silver (en allemand)20092013
    Incontornáveis de Banda Desenhada (Os)2011
    Dritte Testament (Das) - Julius2011
    Castelo dos Animais (O)20202021
    Asgard (en espagnol)2014
    XIII Mystery2008
    Ulysse 178120152016
    Troisième Testament (Le) - Julius2010
    Troisième Testament (Le)19972004
    Thorgal (Les mondes de) - Kriss de Valnor20152017
    Syndrome d'Abel (Le)20082015
    Sentinelles (Les) (Breccia/Dorison)20082014
    Red Skin20142016
    Maître d'armes (Le)20152017
    Long John Silver20072013
    HSE (Human Stock Exchange)20122016
    Goldorak (Bajram/Dorison/Cossu/Sentenac)2021
    Comment faire fortune en juin 402015
    Château des Animaux (Le)20182022
    Chant du cygne (Le)20142016
    Brigades du Tigre (Une Aventure des)2006
    Black Lord2014
    50 ans d'édition Glénat2019

    Xavier Dorison born in 1972 in Paris, spent three years in business school (he directed the comic strip festival of the Grandes Ecoles), then worked at Barclays Corp. In 1997, he wrote the first volume of the Third Testament, a series drawn by Alex Alice which was an immediate success. He then published two series with Associated Humanoids: Prophet with Matthieu Lauffray and Sanctuaire with Christophe Bec. He co-wrote, with Fabien Nury, the film Brigades du tigre, which will also be adapted into a comic strip by Glénat editions with Jean-Yves Delitte as drawing artist. He co-wrote, again with Fabien Nury, the fantastic western W.E.S.T, directed by Christian Rossi. And launched in early 2007 a pirate fresco: Long John Silver. Text © Glénat


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