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    Xarus is the third son of Dracula who first appears in The Death of Dracula one shot.

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    Xarus is the third son of Dracula . He is brother to Janus and half-brother to Lilith and Vlad Tepulus.He is currently in a relationship with Alyssa, the leader of Siren Sect an entire group of female vampires.

    Character Evolution

    Known History

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    Xarus grew bored of how his father has lead the Vampires so he stages a coup with his fellow vampire elders. While an elder meeting is called, he quickly blindsides his father with a stake to the chest. Despite his father's superior strength, his allies follow suit as they stake the vampire lord multiple times and Xarus eventually kills his father by way of decapitation, to supplant him as leader of the Vampires. This causes a rift among the various sects as some don't like his methods and others cling to the old ways and leadership of Dracula.

    His first new bid as leader is to take and organize all the various vampire sects in the world under one united banner but is opposed by his brother Janus.

    He easily rallies the Atlantean Sect, Charniputra Sect and Nosferatu Sect to his cause. He also garners favor among the Siren Sect, especially after their failed assassination attempt. He tries to rally Janus to his cause, but is unable to do so, even after revealing a new technology which gives them the ability to walk in daylight.

    To prove the strength of his allies, Xarus attacks the Warriors of Krieg Sect and essentially cripples their ranks and uses his secret allies the Claw Sect to flush out his would-be opposition. With all his enemies in one place, he killed the leaders but Xarus escaped and fled. He is then crowned the new lord of the vampires with a large army able to take on all opposition.

    Taking San Francisco!

    Xarus's new plan is to take San Francisco as his own, making it the vampire's new home. Unfortunately the X-Men have taken up residence there.

    He decides to wage an all-out war with the X-Men with the winner having San Francisco as the spoils. He stages a suicide vampire bomb attack in daylight which results in Jubilee of the X-Men becoming infected. This changes her into a vampire.

    Shadow Colonel

    Xarus eventually resurfaced leading a new Legion of the Unliving, under the secret alias Shadow Colonel. His legion consisted of strong vampire warriors. They targeted fellow vampires they considered to be weak, including Dracula, Xarus' father, who they wanted to dethrone as leader of all vampires. Their incitement of a vampire civil war put them at odds with the Avengers, who had just recruited Blade as a new member.

    Meanwhile, an emaciated Dracula sought refuge In Russia. He was being protected by the Winter Guard and made a deal where he was exiled to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The Legion of the Unliving were eventually defeated when Blade decapitated the Shadow Colonel. The Legion brought his head to Dracula, who revealed Xarus' attempt at civil war was part of Dracula's plan to con Russia into giving them land where they could rebuild a vampire kingdom.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 6 ft. 2in.
    • Weight: 200 lbs.
    • Eyes: Red (glow when using powers or angry)
    • Hair: Blond

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