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Daughter of the Eternal Warrior Gilad Anni-Padda, Xaran is approximately six thousand years lived. Alongside her brother Mitu and father, she lived in what was known as ancient Mesopotamia. A time of darkness and savagery, her people found themselves in a war with a cult dedicated to the death god Nergal. Xaran possessed a thirst for blood and violence and her zeal for violence towards her enemies eventually led to the splinter of her family. After that disagreement much time would pass before she would met her father face to face again. Like her father she possesses immortality.


Xaran was created by Greg Pak and Trevor Hairsine in Valiant's 2013 reboot of the Eternal Warrior series. The character appears in the first issue Eternal Warrior #1 - The Eternal Warrior.

Major Story Arcs

Ancient Mesopotamia

Xaran would be incensed and frustrated that her brother Mitu would get to fight alongside their father but that she would not get to have that same opportunity. Her father would explain to her that it is because of his temperament and restraint and her lack of. Her father and his fellow warriors would struggle against the death cult of Nergal, and its drug crazed members. When all seemed lost Xaran's arrival mounted on an elephant would give rise to a possible resurgence. Gilad would be disappointed however at his daughters decision not to target the opposing warriors but attempt to attack their woman and children further on at their camp. After an altercation with her father Xaran would end up killing her own brother Mitu, after he demonstrated loyalty to his fathers ideology and wounding Gilad. This would mark the last time Xaran would see her father for centuries. She would continue to slaughter the members of the cult, knowing they themselves would show no mercy towards members of her tribe. Unfortunately a secondary army of Nergal's would have found and attacked survivors of Xaran's people. She would slaughter them and during those moments she have a revelation that would find her retreating to the wilds, waiting to die. Eventually should would come to realize that like her father she would was immortal.

Modern Day

In the present Xaran has adapted and adjusted to the modern society somewhat. The actions of her father in recent times creating an imbalance, she seeks him out to help asset her new goals. After a cold and violent reunion the two would set out to locate the current Geomancer Buck McHenry, an individual both have history with.

Powers and Abilities

Immortal with around six millennium experience in fighting and war. She is confident and can be somewhat aggressive in battle.


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