Xanto Starblood

    Character » Xanto Starblood appears in 41 issues.

    A self described "extreme zoologist." Xanto appears to be just another brute but he is actually a universally renowned anthropologist, author and teacher. He is also capable of training Brood to be his bloodhounds.

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    He is responsible for the apparent pregnancy Kitty Pryde is afflicted with while working at the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning (see Wolverine and the X-Men 4-7). Though he appears to be hellbent on destroying Kitty Pryde he is actually after the young broodling student Broo.

    While in earths orbit his ship is commandeered by agents of S.W.O.R.D. but he and his trained Brood easily devour and kill. Though his transport is destroyed he, accompanied by his Brood, targets the school then proceeds soar through orbit to land on campus. He is greeted by more S.W.O.R.D. agents, originally there to help the ailing Kitty, which he feeds to his Brood. His arrival alerts the students and faculty causing most of them to take refuge in the panic room as well as activate the school defenses. He releases his Brood to search for his "target" and analyze the security system while he tangled with Krakoa. He demonstrates a unique ability to control animals, which he utilizes to temporarily pacify him.

    He enters the school and makes quick work of the few remaining defenses before shutting them all down. He catches up with last remaining Brood only to find that Kitty had killed it. He pins her against the wall and admits he is responsible for her internal Brood dilemma and reveals he was not trying to kill her but use her as a distraction. Xanto leaves a weary Kitty in search of his actual quarry, Broo. He finds Broo who refuses to fight him but requests an opportunity to reason for his life. Xanto shocks Broo by responding with " I do enjoy a healthy debate. But rest assured, you will not sway me from my chosen course of action." Xanto again surprises Broo by stating he is not a mercenary nor a hired gun, but an "extreme zoologist" on a scientific mission. Xanto is then surprised when Broo responded to Xanto's identity with admiration and familiarity towards his research and work. Xanto believes in a universal order that has been established over millions of years but he feels Broo's existence threatens that order and jeopardizes the entire universe; since Brood are violent, feral killers yet Broo is not Xanto deems his death necessary to sustain the universe.

    Xanto's attempt to kill Broo fails after he escapes. While he chases Broo through the school Broo then came to the conclusion Xanto infected Headmistress Pryde as a distraction. Xanto is very arrogant and describes how ingenious his Brood virus is and how clever it was to infect Kitty. Broo again tries reasoning by explaining there is a prophecy that foretells the coming of a progressive-minded and sympathetic Brood race to which Broo believes he is the progenitor of. Xanto scoffs at the idea because there is no way to sway his belief that Broo is "an abomination that must not be allowed to sully the sanctity of the universal order." Just as he corners Broo Kitty staggers in bringing along a gaggle of Bamf's to "sic him." The Bamf's then teleport him throughout the campus culminating in dropping him 100 feet onto the grounds where Krakoa pummels Xanto, all the while Kitty's condition worsens as she and Broo attempt to reach the panic room. Much to the chagrin of Kitty and Broo a bloodied and yet still determined Xanto closes in on them. Though she is hardly able to stand, Kitty tells Broo to run to the panic room but the brave broodling refuses to leave without his beloved guardian. Xanto tears through the meager danger room defenses she ordered and smacks Kitty to the ground, this does not sit well with Broo. You see how ruthless Starblood is when he tells Broo "We could've handled this in a nice clean scientific manner, but no, you had to make things ugly . Fine let's get ugly." Though he is a scholar he is a monster at heart because he enjoys killing and relishes in the violence he has unleashed on the peaceful school. Much to his surprise Broo viciously attacks Xanto is a fit of savage rage, while Kitty finally threw up the X-men fighting the Brood inside her. Broo slashes, gouges, tears and bites away at Xanto only stopping when Beast tells him "It's over," then cradles him in his arms. Broo is shocked when he calms down and see's he is covered in blood. In the aftermath Xanto is left laying battered and bloody.

    Later, S.W.O.R.D. arrives (again), to treat Kitty, Kid Gladiator and arrest Professor Starblood. Xanto is seen bandaged and chained while being escorted onto a S.W.O.R.D. ship where he taunts Broo by saying "The rumors about you seem to be false, my young friend. You may be a bit more eloquent than your untamed brethren, it seems you're all Brood after all." He laughs maniacally as the doors shut while he watches Broo cower is shame.

    Powers and Abilities

    Super-Strength (enough to tear down solid walls effortlessly)

    Durability (he easily with stood gunfire and the vacuum of space)

    Via touch: he can control/communicate animals, shock any intended target but the extent of this power is not truly seen

    Genius-level Intellect: He apparently is the head of the Anthropology department at a prestigious university on the planet Rigel-3. He has published multiple books, examples being: The Mating Habits of the Dire Wraiths or The Interplanetary Guide to Evolutionary Biology. He has an extensive knowledge of many animals throughout the galaxy.


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