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    A colonized planet in the 30th century and member of the United Planets. The most famous Xanthians are Thom Lallor Star-Boy, a member of the Legion of Superheroes.

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    The 31st century planet named Xanthu first appeared in the pages of Lana Lang and the Legion of Superheroes (March 1961) created by Otto Binder · George Papp . This was also the first appearance of Thom Kallor the Legionnaire Star-Boy.


    Original Continuity: New Earth

    Welcome to lovely Xanthu
    Welcome to lovely Xanthu

    A mountainous planet colonized by descendants of Earth by the 30th century. It is a member of the United Planets. Despite the fact the planet is located on the rim of the United Planets and often suffers from black outs, it has several advances in science and several costumed protectors. The planet has developed into one of the most advanced planets within the United Planets.

    A true success story of colonizing worlds at the edges of the Milky Way. The planet would flourish becoming one of the most densely populated planets in the Untied Planets, second only to Earth. in the United Planets. The population most commonly live in penthouse straight up in the skies of Xanthu held up by long towers. It is also home to various intergalactic famed scientists and inventors due to its ever changing and modernizing technological advances.

    Xanthu is ruled by the planet wide agency called the Tribune, which are hereditary rulers. Even with this title of power citizens of Xanthu still have an active part in civic government affairs and has a active parliament. All United Planets members must have some form of democracy to be a member.

    Due to its unusually clear atmosphere, this planet is very popular with astronomers. In fact, numerous space stations orbit this world of stargazers.

    In all continuities, it is the homeworld of the Legionnaire Star Boy and the hero Atmos. In the postboot continuity, Xanthu had its own team of super-heroes called the Uncanny Amazers. Atom'X, Insect Queen, Kid Quantum, Kid Quantum II, Konk and Monstress were all Xanthu natives. The Amazers recently defended Xanthu from the alien Robotica.

    Location Details

    Universe: Pre-Zero Hour, Post-Zero Hour, Earth-Prime

    Galaxy: Milky Way

    Star System:

    Planet: Xanthu

    Province: United Planets

    Race: Xanthurians

    Notable Citizens of Xanthu

    Star-Boy: Former Planetary Champion of Xanthu, twice, Thom Kallor known as the Legionnaire Star-Boy is the hero known to forever be the powerful symbol of Xanthu.

    Wildfire: Also a Legionnaire Wildfire is energy in a containment suit. Powerful, brave, and salty in remarks he also originated from Xanthu.

    James Cullen: The original Kid Quantum whos belt gave him his powers and failed him when most needed.

    Kid Quantum: Sister to James Cullen she took the name of Kid Quantum and becoming not only a Legionnaire but voted into its leadership.

    Atmos: Pampered hero, the new face of Xanthu and its title of Planetary Champion. Fame, glory, a fierce mo-hawk together with atomic powers make an impressive warrior.

    The Mighty Amazers: A superhero team, that protected the planet Xanthu, in the 30th century. Many members went on to join the Legion of Superheroes. The team consisted of Konk, Monstress, Lonna Lieng called Insect Queen, Kid Quantum, and Atmos.


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