Character » Xandu appears in 44 issues.

    A student of the mystic arts, Xandu forever seeks the Wand of Watoomb.

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    Xandu learns of the potent Wand of Watoomb and sets out to acquire it. Learning that the wand has been broken in two so its power can never be used, he steals one half and then discovers that the other half is in the possession of the magician Dr. Strange.

    Picking out two thugs in a bar, Xandu uses his awesome hypnotic abilities to convince the men to go to Strange's home to steal the other half of the wand. Happening upon the crooks, the superhero Spider-Man follows them to Xandu's lair. With the missing piece of the Wand in-hand, Xandu plans to use its power to conquer the world.

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    Using the Wand's power, he sends the pesky Spider-Man to another dimension. However, just before he vanishes, the superhero snatches the sceptre and takes it with him. Xandu and his thugs follow, as does Dr. Strange, and a terrific brawl ensues from which the heroes return victorious. When they all return to our dimension the crooks remember nothing and Dr. Strange uses magic to drain the Wand of Watoomb of power, as well as drain Xandu of all "evil ambitions."

    After roaming the streets, Xandu manages to recollect his wits and then sets out to reclaim the Wand. Holed up in a New York City apartment, Xandu again uses hypnosis to make Spider-Man his slave and sends him to Dr. Strange's home to steal the

    Crystal of Kadavus

    . Using the gem to repair the Wand of Watoomb, he tries to kill Strange by transporting them all to a new dimension he's created, one in which he's the most powerful being alive. Nonetheless, the heroes manage to collar him and leave the Wand drifting in the other dimension.


    The Wand of Watoomb can enable the user to travel to other dimensions, worlds and times; see any place, object, or person; and send a destructive blast to that object.

    The Crystal of Kadavus is a skull-shaped gem which can send powerful, restorative energy waves anywhere the user wishes.


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