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    Xandra is the bio-engineered daughter of Charles Xavier and Lilandra Neramani, cloned from their genetic material after Lilandra's assassination. She is the current Majestrix of the Shi'ar Empire.

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    Xandra was created by Kelly Thompson and Oscar Bazaldua in Mr. and Mrs. X mini series.


    Following the deaths of Professor X and Lilandra their genetic materials were used to genetically create a child. The egg was under the care of Cerise who took care of it until she was captured by the Imperial Guard in an attempt to keep the egg out of the wrong hands. The recently-married Gambit and Rogue were tasked to retrieve the egg.

    Powers & Abilities

    Xandra was considered an Omega-level weapon.

    Telepathy: Like her father, Xandra possesses the vast amount of psionic abilities. She can use this ability to read, control, and manipulate the thought processes of others, as well as interact with and tap into the Astral Plane.


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