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    Aliens from the planet Xandar and founders of the Nova Corps

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    The Xandarians are a peaceful humanoid race from the planet Xandar in the Andromeda Galaxy. They are the creators of the Xandarian Worldmind - the keeper of the knowledge and power of the entire race. Most importantly, the Worldmind is the keeper of the Nova Force, a cosmic power used to create the Nova Corps. The Nova Corps are intergalactic peace-keepers and a force for good.

    Xandar was destroyed by the Luphomoids and thanks to Uatu the Watcher the culture was able to rebuild their society in massive spheres interconnected to one another. The Xandarian-Skrull War again threathened to population, but it was the space pirate Nebula who would eventually kill all but a few Xandarians.

    Thanks to Richard Rider the Worldmind was rebooted and Xandar once again made habitable. Slowly, the Xandarians were cloned and Xandar began to return to its former glory.

    Xandar would meet its final destruction at the beginning of the Annihilation War.


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