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A solider from the planet Felis, which is at war with the rat beings of planet Rhodens, Xal-Kor is sent by The Great White Cat, the benevolent ruler of Felis, to Earth when it is learned that Rhodens’ evil ruler Queen Roda has sent a cabal of rat-men to our planet to en-slave it and use it as a base to rebuild her forces and destroy the home of the cat-people.

Arriving to stop Queen Roda’s plain, Xal-Kor soon also starts battling Earth criminals as well.

Possessing all the abilities of a cat, Xan-Kor with the help of Felis technology stored in his 5-D belt is able change from his normal form, like that of a common house cat, to his man-cat form or full human form which he uses when in disguise as newspaper photographer Colin Chambers, it also lets him fly and pass though solid objects.


Xal-Kor was created by Grass Green in the 60s and since then has appeared in a number of both fan and regular comic book productions.


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