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Originally formed by the severed head of an alternate reality counterpart to Charles Xavier, this group of wayward X-Men from across the multiverse banded together to save the planet they had been imprisoned upon. However, their mission grew from that point, as they decided to continue to act as a team to prevent other realities from falling apart in the way the current one they found themselves in had. This was how they stumbled upon the existence of ten evil versions of Charles Xavier, and made it their task to bring each down by hopping from one world to the next.

When the fabric of reality between the current world they were fighting for was weakened by one of Beast's new machines on Utopia in Earth-616, one of these ten evil Xaviers, a massive purple Cthulhu-like creature, attempted to breach the gap between realities. Thankfully, however, it was beaten back by the mainstream universe' Dazzler, who had initially powered the device at Beast and Cyclops' request. The creature was then slain by General James Howlett, whose adamantine skull protected him from the creature's telepathic abilities. With the monster dead and the way home sealed up, Dazzler found herself saddled with the team's mission to hunt down and destroy the evil Xaviers.

While she proved to a valuable member of the team, she often clashed with the disembodied Xavier, whose sole purpose seemed to be the destruction of his evil counterparts. This eventually led to his creation of a separate team consisting of alternate X-Men who were more willing to kill if it mean getting the job done. One of these heroes was a gruff, brash version of Dazzler from a reality affected by a zombie virus similar to that of the Marvel Zombies universes. Because of her more lethal methodology, tensions were high between this Dazzler and the original Allison.

Things became especially heated between the two when she lifted the "killing rule" Howlett had given the young Kurt Waggoner during their mission in the Witch World to defeat it's evil Xavier. Regardless, her sacrifice left Allison with an example to follow, and a decision to make when the time came, that being "what are you willing to do to save everything?" Donning her counterpart's armor out of respect for the fallen warrior, Dazzler elected to stay with the group and act as it's conscience before departing the Witch World. Unbeknownst to the team, however, the disembodied Xavier had been possessed by the soul of his Witch World counterpart.

This revelation came much later in the series, after visiting a world in which the evil Xavier had been a member of the Nazi party, only to turn on his comrades and attempt to initiate a mutant regime with a Social Darwinist out look not unlike that of Apocalypse. To combat him, the team joined forces with that reality's naginata-wielding Namor, who was born Japanese-Atlantean and protected some of the last remaining humans from Xavier's clutches. Just when victory seemed assured, however, the Witch Xavier took control of his host and departed for a new reality with his Nazi counterpart, leaving the team stranded in their current reality.

With some doing, the group managed to secure passage to Kurt Waggoner's home reality, which was formerly a utopian technocracy, but now ruled by robots and cybernetic organisms. Though he distrusted her, Kurt begrudgingly allowed that universe' Sage to join the team to give them a means of transportation to chase down the Xavier trio. Because of his previous actions, the team was convinced that their Xavier had sided with his counterparts, and was the last of the evil Xaviers they had to destroy before their mission could be complete. To this end, they tracked them to an alternate version of ancient Egypt, where they had enslaved the local populace, and were using their life forces for some bizarre purpose.

With a little distraction, they managed to kill the Nazi and Witch Xavier, but not before the disembodied head Xavier managed to teleport them all to a new reality, himself among them. There, through tear-filled eyes of terror, he relayed an important message to the team: the evil Xaviers had been feeding souls to something on the other side of a portal in the left eye of the Egyptian reality's Great Sphinx of Gaza, something that sought the destruction of the multiverse as a whole.


Aside from the 616 version of Dazzler, the team's roster consisted of several variants of heroes from the "prime" universe. Among these counterparts were:

  • General James Howlett: Former governor-general of the Dominon of Canda, Howlett was one of his world's greatest heroes. Unlike his 616-counterpart, Howlett's bones and claws were coated in Adamantine, supernatural metal forged by the gods of Mt. Olympus, which made him immune to most telepathic attacks, and allowed him to cut through any substance. He was romantically involved with his world's version of Hercules, a relationship which earned both the ire of Zeus. The Sky-Father cast the two into the pits of Tartarus as punishment for his son's presumption he could consort with mortals (a privilege he reserved solely for himself), where the two slaughtered the souls of the damned for four years until the disembodied Xavier head freed them.
  • Hercules: Hails from the same reality as General Howlett, this version of the Lion of Olympus was brought onto the team in an attempt by the disembodied Xavier to put together a group with less scruples about taking lives. However, seeing Howlett returned Hercules to his old ways, and the two resumed their relationship anew.
  • Corporal Scott Summers: A black African slave from a universe where mutants began to manifest during the Civil War, this version of Cyclops was trained by Dr. Charles Xavier and Colonel Nicholas Fury of the Union Army, alongside fellow mutants and super soldiers Ororo Munroe and James Rhodes. They fought in the Civil War on the front lines, resulting in the Confederates' loss within the span of two weeks, over the course of which he slew roughly six thousand men in combat.
  • Kurt Waggoner: A much younger version of Nightcrawler, this counterpart was born into a utopian world where technology had improved in leaps and bounds to the point where Earth was a veritable paradise. Up until the time he was plucked from his world, he was a high-school student in the United States of California, and a brilliant mechanist and roboticist. However, that all changed when the machines rose up against their creators and brought the utopian world down around them. His parents were killed in the revolt, and he taken from his very reality.
  • Captain Allison Blaire: Originating from a reality ravaged by a zombie virus similar to that of the Marvel Zombies universe', this Dazzler was a member of a survivor community led by Captain America, and one of his best scouts and warriors. However, tragedy befell the group, as she returned from a standard supply run to find their compound overrun with the undead, and Steve Rogers having been turned by one of them. Believed to be the last surviving mutant and living being of her world, the disembodied Xavier offered her a chance to find meaning in her life as a member of his more lethal team. She would often butt heads with her prime counterpart, but she found comfort in her naivete, as it reminded her of how things used to be in her world. In the end, this Allison gave her life to kill the evil Witch Xavier.
  • Charles Xavier: A disembodied head in a jar, this version of Xavier originated from a reality where he was again a teacher of mutants, but in a different sense. Here, he was an actual teacher and professor, trying to integrate mutants into society by helping them to become productive members of the academic, entertainment, scientific, and medical fields. And for the most part, he succeeded in this, as mutants were accepted by the general populace, and even lauded as celebrities in some cases. However, not all shared this love of mutants, and it was these few prejudiced minds that formed the anti-mutant group that killed his beloved X-Men, and beheaded him.
  • Sage: Originating from the reality of Kurt Waggoner, this version of Tessa was a member of the machines that rose up against mankind, acting as an ambassador of sorts between organics and the machines because of her nature as a cyborg. She was brought onto the team after Waggoner was convinced not to destroy his world, and there was some tension between the two of them for a time.

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