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    X-Treme X-men

    To those of you who are sick of the over saturation of X-books take a deep breath and relax because X-Treme X-men isn't just simply another X-Book.

    The Good:

    Greg Pak opens the story action packed and ends it on an interesting note like a true craftsman.

    We only get a brief look in this story at the 3 characters on the cover but in the brief time we get to know them you have at least one reason to like each of them.

    Dazzler fans can rejoice as it looks as though at least for this story arc she will be an important character. I will admit I'm not Dazzler's number one fan and I will admit all I thought she was good for before this was to sing a tune at a wedding but Greg Pak had a few cool uses of power and it's clear in this he has a few plans cooking for her.

    The Bad

    I can usually ignore art because I'm more of a story type of person but Stephen Segovia's art is very hit and miss. There are times when he can draw beautiful scenes that take your breath away but then there are times when you just cringe looking at the page. An example of this would be when people are smiling the teeth seem too big to even fit in their mouth.

    From what I've seen of Captain Howlett, Kid Nightcrawler and Emmeline Frost Greg Pak has a great voice for them but at one stage when he's writing characters from the 616 universe it doesn't seem to blend as well and it can come off as cheesy or dull at times.

    The Verdict

    There are quite a lot of interesting ideas thrown into this and the concept alone will make me continue to read at least the first 6 issues but a concept doesn't make a good comic book especially an X-book. X-books are about character interactions and the dialogue.

    However this is only the first issue and I can tell Greg Pak is going to bring this books to great places

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