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The New Mutants show up and help finish off N'astirh's plans.


With Taki's computer and the beguiling of Magik, N'astirh's demon portal is open and Limbo empties its denizens on New York City. N'Astirh approaches Magik while leaving Crotus to watch the computer. Crotus is vigilant in watching Taki, but he fails to take note that Artie and Leech have overheard how to unplug the computer. The do so and the pentagram over the city flickers. Crotus leaps into action and repowers the computer. On alert, and despite fighting S'ym (who has just appeared), N'astirh sends his demons up to the computer to protect it. Overwhelmed, Taki envelopes the team in a plane and they fly towards the pentagram.

In the air, the demons attack and pull Taki away. They take him to N'astirh, who lords the boy over an unimpressed S'ym. Skids races to a baby and pulls one free, but a demon hits her and she drops the child. The pentagram is disrupted again and Rusty grabs Skids. Cannonball shows up with the New Mutants and helps the young mutants fend off the demons. The teams realize that they both had a part in the pentagram appearing and decide to work together. The New Mutants will save the babies and the X-Terminators will free Taki.

Taki attempts to flee from N'astirh and S'ym but gets his will overtaken. He sits at the computer and types spells that attack S'ym. Taki takes momentary control of his will and directs an attack at both demons. The demons live, saved only by their unique powers: S'ym by his techno-organic nature, and N'astirh by his magical properties. As punishment, N'astirh begins to smother Taki with rocks. The X-Terminators do their best to stop Taki from being killed while S'ym infects N'astirh with the transmode virus. N'astirh is now a being of mechanical and magical properties. He latches onto the computer and merges with it, furthering his plans unhindered. Taki, however, is able to grasp the computer and change its make-up. This act triggers an explosion, destroying the computer and (hopefully) N'astirh. S'ym and his army continue their onslaught of Earth while the New Mutants descend with all ten babies intact.


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