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    The X-Statix were a group of mutant heroes whose main goal was to achieve fame and fortune.

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    A group of mutants labeling themselves as X-Force, decide to capitalize on the popularity of superheroes and the publics obsession with them by pushing themselves and aiming to be famous superhero celebrities. Later on the team change their name from X-Force to X-Statix.


    A Marvel comics team, X-Statix were created by writer Peter Milligan and artist Mike Allred and first appeared (as X-Force) in X-Force issue 116 (2001). They became X-Statix in issue 129 of X-Force.

    Team Evolution

    X-Statix started out as the second X-Force team, but changed it's name to X-Statix when core member U-Go Girl died in the line of battle. Her last wish was to rename the team to X-Statix, and so they did. (It also meant a title change in 2002 with a new #1, continuing the story with characters from the previous X-Force). The comic was a humorous take on fame, celebrity and comic standards including "comic book deaths" which were rampant in the book. There was also the Princess Diana Controversy. X-Statix #13 was to feature the returned of famed figure, Princess Diana, as a mutant that had returned from the dead. Word got out to the media and Marvel dealt with the backlash by altering the character. She became a fictional pop-star Henrietta Hunter along with cosmetic alterations to keep likeness away from Princess Diana. Team consisted of Doop, Dead Girl, U-Go Girl, Lacuna, Gin Genie, Vivisector, the Coach, Zeitgeist, La Nuit, Battering Ram, Plazm, Mister Sensitive, Phat.

    Major Story Arcs

    High Turnover

    Since the creation of the team (initially as X-Force) to the final mission, there was a big high turnover of members, with many deaths and many replacements. In the final mission, the team was entirely killed.

    The Return

    X-Statix was recently reformed, including veteran resurrected members and new members. They find a new team of enemies called the X-Cellent, created by former member Zeitgeist.

    Many members and former members were seen in mutant-only nation Krakoa.


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