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Origin of MC2

MC2 universe originated in What If? #105 and then spawned into it's own limited series comic books. X-People, a future version of the X-Men were seen in J2, Wild Thing, Fantastic Five, A-Next, and Spider-Girl. Tom DeFalco described MC2 as having “a lot of action and angst in every issue.”

Origin of X-People

When Jubilee was still a young girl the X-Men sacrificed themselves to save the world. As an adult, Jubilee decided to continue Xavier's ( Professor X) dream of mutants and humans living in harmony. She recreated the X-Men, having them operate out of a New Jersey X-Mansion, and renaming them the X-People.

Team Stats

Members: Jubilee, Angry Eagle, Push, Simian, Spanner & Torque

Honorary Members: J2, Wild Thing & Bluestreak

Team Leader: Jubilee

Base of Operations: X-Mansion in relocated to New Jersey

Team Status: Active

First Appearance: J2 #1

Creators: Tom DeFalco & Ron Frenz


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