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    Slasher who died in an factory accident. His victim count is 14!

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    Karl Vox worked in an plastic factory in Arizona. Karl was an calm, unremarkable man. He spent the night on the highways, to search for some new victims in his weird "Death Games".  When the police came to arrest him, he escaped to his place of work. A workmate stopped him by throwing an metal grid on him. Karl Vox raises to retaliate his former workmates.
    Karl was eventually caught and subdued by Emily Cristy and the Ceutotech Inc's research division group. He along with Acid Angel Mortimer Strick, Waking Man, and Hibachi Devil had been captured for the sole purpose of gaining Ceutoech money. Hoping they could unlock what it was that kept them alive and going, hoping they could duplicate it for beauty products.  They were also hoping Cassie and Vlad would work alonside them to capture more slashers, but Cassie quickly refused. Things would quickly go wrong when Ashley Guthrie, in his teddy, had snuck into the facility. He killed many of the guards and quickly released the slashers from the sleep. 
    While Mortimer Strick was going after Cassie, Vlad, and Emily. The others had needed weapons to fight Cassie, and with Acid Angel's assistance they were able to break through a door and find some. However, Karl had no interest in fighting Cassie as a group. He left Ashley and the others to fight Cassie on their own. As he searched, he killed any of the remaining Ceutotech staff he could find. He eventually found Cassie and started to fight, but Cassie got the better hand of him and was able to push him down the elevator shaft.  
    This wouldn't stop him though, he eventually got out and found Vlad and Acid Angel. Feeling no loyalty for either side, he quickly killed Acid Angel. But Karl would die finally at the hands of Vlad, who killed him by repeatedly hitting him with a fire extinghuisher

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