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The Mecha Class exo-armor was based upon the original Manowar armor of Shanhara. Created by the greatest minds on the planet earth using scraps of the original X-O Manowar's own substance. These armors came in one of two varieties which were the unmanned humanoid armor drones piloted by the central intelligence of a runaway system program created by P.R.S. and the Colossal mecha suits piloted by one or more experienced combatants.

Giant Mecha Version

Charged Ionic Weaponry

Individual Manowar armors made by various countries produced an energized tool or armament reminiscent to their native countries archaic symbolism. The weapon produced also depends on the pilots own desires as Rai utilized the ancient colossus to generate an energy Katana.

Remote Anatomical Control

The Mechawar could detach and operate independently of the bodily whole when willed too by a pilot.

Missile Carriage

Mecha Class Manowars all come equipped with two silos of discharged ballistic packages fired from its chest region.

Sensory Array's


Tapeworm Bombs

A unique armament utilized by a manowar mech armor in the 4001 A.D. a cadre of liquid metal explosive charges jettisoned from it's hand can strategically kneed themselves into desired points within a target structure before detonating, blowing targets apart from the inside out.

Unnamed Drone Version

Sentient: No

Flight: Yes

Armament: Hand Based 80 MHz Pulse Cannons.


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